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Organizational Usage of the Hrm System

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MBA – 533 Final Exam Paper
Saint Leo University
Thomas Rothrauff, Jr.
Professor Sciarini
June 16, 2013
Paper Section – Discuss, in a 15-page paper, how the various parts of the human resource system used in an organization you are familiar with align and support each other.
The organization I will cover in this paper is a maritime security corporation. For purposes of this paper I will call the corporation CX. CX is based in the United States but provides services worldwide. Clients of CX consist of a wide variety of U.S. companies as well as foreign corporations. The types of clients, whether foreign or domestic, range from commercial shipping corporations to gas and oil companies conducting operations including, but not limited to: gas exploration, drilling platforms, refinery operations, and floating storage and production/transfer services. Because of the vast geographical area, and the diverse cultures CX must interact with; cultural sensitivity and diversity awareness are a key component of CX operations. The cultural sensitivity with which CX must be proficient span the entire cross section of each nations population from lower level laborers to the extremely cultured ruling and governing class. CX provides not only maritime security consulting services but it also includes armed protective operations, threat based vulnerability assessment services, technology force protection applications, and infrastructure and country asset capability development programs. CX is an international full service security provider and retail goods supplier.
Because CX conducts business around the world in support of a very specific purpose; this company must address the requirement for a specific type of organization which is compliant with international laws and guidelines as well as the…...

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