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Organizations Conflicts

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The problems that currently exist at Perfect Pizzeria are:

1) Managerial conditions:
a. No systematic criteria for the selection of managers
b. No formal training program for managers
c. No room for advancement beyond management unless the manager decides to invest in the corporation
d. The manager receives a bonus based on low percentage of wasted or unsold food
e. Assistant managers and night managers are not respected
f. Inability to effectively combat high percentage of waste without strict supervision or working in food preparation which was against company policy.

2) Employee conditions:
a. Lack of motivation
b. Compensate for low wages by over indulgence of free food allowance
c. High turnover rate due to availability of high application rates.
d. Employees are mostly college and high school students
e. Lack of respect for managers.
f. No incentive to increase motivation.

In the case study Perfect Pizzeria, the area supervisor has many problems that need his attention. The largest appears to be the organization. In this case study I will assume that the area supervisor has the authority to affect change within his organization (i.e. he is the franchise owner). Being in an area with few job opportunities should give him the perfect opportunity to recruit bright, ambitious, and motivated people to staff his pizzerias. How can the area supervisor change his organization to achieve a more fluid corporate culture? I think this change can be achieved by human resource changes, structure changes, motivational changes, and reward for good performance as well as accountability for poor performance. Each one of these areas will require a change from the corporate level. For the sake of my case study I am going to assume that the area supervisor (franchise owner) can lobby to achieve this change within the organization.

The first area to look...

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