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Organizing Reaction Paper

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Organizing Reaction Paper
Shelia M. Reed
June 6, 2012
Karen Abron

The Organizing function follows the planning process and brings the organization’s resources together (Bates & Snell, 2009). These resources include such things as Physical Assets, Monetary Assets, Human Resources, Knowledge, and Technology (Bates & Snell, 2009). Managers have the responsibility of pinpointing resources and activities essential to the organization accomplishing its goals. These resources and actions must be acknowledged, arranged, and appointed to the proper department. Department heads will make sure that their supervisors and employees are prepared to carry out the department’s individual mission. Once these resources and actions are recognized and brought together the organization is well on its way to accomplishing its mission. The organization discussed in this paper will concentrate on two of the five resources mentioned Physical and Monetary Assets.
Physical Assets Tire Plus Total Car Care is an automotive business that specializes not only in tires but also the entire car. They were founded in 1972, in Clearwater, Florida. The company’s philosophy is, “We won’t sell you tires, we help you buy them,” you can be confident tires and services will never be recommended if they are not needed (Tire Plus, 2012). Their no non-sense and trustworthy method is the foundation of the company’s success and has been the principle reason they are a part of the biggest automotive retailing company in the country. I decided to write about this company because of my experience with the company, and because the manager is a friend of mines. Physical assets are a vital part of Tire Plus Total Car Care, INC in Conyers, Ga. It allows the company to run effortlessly. TPTCC stocks a generous amount of supplies to...

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