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Orientation and Training

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Three Day Activity Analysis

Tonya Spaulding


September 2, 2011
Summer Dale

Three Day Analysis

Some of the everyday changes I would make to increase my energy levels into my everyday activities would be to exercise in the morning. I believe taking a walk or doing floor exercises would help increase my energy levels on a everyday basis. I believe that exercising and giving yourself a good workout in the morning or even before one goes to bed. Before one goes to bed it will help one sleep in the morning exercising will help give extra energy that is needed throughout the day. I think if one incorporates physical activity at least half of an hour to an hour in the morning helps one in many ways with increasing energy and overall maintaining a healthy lifestyle in general. There are days that I do not want to take walks and if that is the case I will do an alternative exercise. Some other activities like riding a bike, jogging in place, aerobics, sit ups, yard work, or spending a bit more time getting ready in the morning all of these activities will burn calories to help keep ones body healthy. There are some activities that can not be performed year round especially if one lives in parts of the United States were the winters are bad and it is impossible to do out side activities. There are always many other activities one can do in side to burn calories. I believe there is no excuse for one not to exercise they need to burn calories. I think when people make up excuses it is mainly because they do not want to exercise and they think it justifies their…...

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