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Orientation to the Legal Department

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Orientation to the Legal Department The following report is intended to be used as a reference and introduction for employees who have had no prior experience in dealing with the legal department and have no knowledge of the law and legal concepts our company must deal with. As a new manager in this department I want you all to feel free for to come to me with any questions you may have as we all work towards becoming more efficient and aware of our company’s legal aspects and obligations. In order to fully understand the role laws play into our environment I will describe some basic laws and their purpose in business and how they apply to what we do here and how we do business nationally.
American Law Before we get to deep into law in America it is necessary to understand how it came about and what it stands for. American Law is based on English Law because they were the founders of the original colonies but today modern law derives from constitutions, treaties and federal statutes (Cheeseman). Constitutions are the fundamental laws our nation is made of, treaties are the agreements we hold with other nations and states and federal statutes are laws enacted by legislatures for governing the people. These make up the material body of law here in America. It is important to note that the Constitution of the United States of America is what we are governed by. Three separate branches make up our government, Congress, the President and the courts (Cheeseman). Congress makes the laws, the President enacts the laws and the courts apply them. The U.S. Constitution is the dominant power of the land and is structured to protect the basic rights of its citizens and therefore no other federal, state or local law may conflict with it. The U.S. Constitution was developed to be flexible and capable of...

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