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Origanizational Psychology

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What is Organizational Psychology

Dustin Anderson

Psychology 570

July 18, 2011
John Moore

What is Organizational Psychology

People are working every day to understand the behavior of individuals working together in an organizational setting. They use different techniques to apply with their help to understand the behavior of individuals in an organizational setting. One technique is using the application of organizational psychology. Companies hire organizational psychologist to assist them in the process of understanding. Organizational psychologist offer people unbiased fresh ideas in the area of workplace issues. Throughout this paper, the definition of organizational will be and the evolution of organizational psychology will be examined. This paper will compare and contrast organizational psychology with two related disciplines and the role of research and statistics of organizational will be examined. ORGANIZATIONAL PSYCHOLOGY Organizational psychology applies psychological principles to study the human behavior in the workplace. These principles are vital to understanding and acquiring the tool to be successful in explaining the human behavior in organizational setting. Organizational psychology is pertinent to numerous work places, and it uses techniques to increase productivity in the workplace. According to Jex and Britt (2008), organizational psychology is the scientific study of individual and group behavior in an organizational. This field helps explain the work relationship between employees in different organizational. Organizational psychologists use a systematic data approach to studying organizational processes and solving organizational issues states, Jex and Britt (2008). Organizational psychology has become the main important within companies throughout the world. This branch of psychology has proven to be...

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