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Original Sin Theodicy

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An Essay about the Problem of Evil

The problem of evil is a question that inevitably arises as people begin to argue the existence of a God, who is omniscient, omnipotent, and omni-benevolent when the world is filled with undesirable state of affairs (evil). Atheistic proponents, in particular, argue that a perfect God would not be able to withstand such existence of evil. Therefore, they contend that God could not possibly exist. The responses against the problem of evil are generally divided as theodicies or defenses. While defenses only aim to prove that it is logical for God and evil to exist together, theodicies have a higher intention of finding a plausible justification of the existence of evil to support the premise that God is ultimately
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Some theodicies insist that evil stems from human misconducts and deviations from God's law. The examples of this kind of theodicy would be the Original Sin theodicy (evil comes forth unto the world from mankind's original sin), the Reincarnation theodicy (people suffers because of their previous life's mistakes/misdeeds), and finally the famous Augustinian theodicy from Augustine which states that evil is actually caused by the corruption of goodness (seen first from Adam and Eve's disobedience). As the nature of sin passes from Adam and Eve to their descendants, evil exists as the active form of humanity's sinful nature. Natural evil, on the other hand, exists because the world is corrupted by mankind's own corruptive actions. It also serves as the punishment for humanity's moral …show more content…
It is most likely that humans categorises something as evil/good based on whether something fits their rights and standards or not. People say earthquakes are evil because it causes both material and collateral damages. People say stealing is evil because it is the act of robbing someone else's rights. People say premature deaths are evil because it is unfair how some people get to live longer that other people when they might not be as good as the ones who died early. But really, what is good and evil? Isn't just words created to express the ethical and moral laws that humans made to suit their fancy? Don't people just say things are evil when they feel they are the victim in the issue; the one who gets the shorter end of the stick? If it is so, then the concept of evil is debatable because it is impossible to use moral and ethical laws that are created by humans (who are finite creatures) to judge or condemn God (who is an infinite being). Worse than that, humans are already sinful in its nature, and therefore is an imperfect being. Regardless of which side one takes to look at this issue, it would be incredibly foolish or naive for someone to just hold onto a “system” of judgment created by an imperfect being. True knowledge would logically lie within something or someone who is perfect, for if it does not, then it is

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