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Traffic jam is a problem which has always been in existence especially in the urban areas due to the large number of population and the limited number of roads in those areas. This is a problem which has not found any solutions yet despite the development of systems which try to solve this problem such as the use of traffic lights systems (ZHENG, GAO, ZHAO & FU, 2008).
Question one: Can the issue of traffic jams be reduced?
Traffic jams can be reduced in one way or the other as long as the best ideas are incorporated into one and a solution generated.
Questions two: What new ways can be used in solving the issues of traffic jam?
There is a wide variety of ways with others still emerging on how the issue of traffic jam can be solved. Other than the use of traffic lights to regulate traffic, traffic jams can be solved through changing the road infrastructure so as to create more flexible roads. Other than this, creating a 3 dimensional roundabout is also a new way of reducing the amount of traffic on the roads.
Question three: What else is similar to this issue of traffic congestion?
The case where 20 men are offloading goods from a lorry and taking them to a store room in a systematic manner will result to congestion since there are individuals going to and from the lorry.
Question four: What can be modified to ensure that the issue of traffic congestion is reduced? Modifying the road structure such as increasing the number of lanes that a road has can assist in reducing traffic congestion on roads. In addition to this, the available traffic lights can be modified to intelligent traffic lights which will make the lights more productive or active which makes it more interactive with the traffic adaptation.
Question five: What can be magnified to ensure that the amount of traffic congestion on roads is reduced? To ensure that the amount of traffic congestion available on roads is reduced the aspect of time can be magnified. Since a lot of time is wasted in traffic jam, organizations and companies should opt to vary the working hours and come up with work shifts as a way of time management.
Question six: What aspect or aspects need to be reduced or removed from the causes of traffic congestion to ensure that the amount of traffic on roads is reduced?
To ensure that the amount of traffic available on the roads is reduced, reducing the number of solo drivers available on the roads is considered as a solution. The use of a bus system instead of personal cars will greatly reduce the amount of traffic available on the roads.
Question seven: What are the available substitutes which could be used to ensure that the amount of traffic available on the roads is reduced? Other than the use of roads as a form of transport, people may consider other modes of transport to reach their destination for example; an individual may opt to go to work by foot if he or she resides in a nearby location to his or her workplace other than driving to that location. In addition people may opt to use rail transport instead of roads will greatly contribute to traffic reduction.
Question eight: If an individual changed his or her working schedule would the amount of traffic decrease? Changing the working schedule or basically the schedule can contribute to the reduction of traffic on roads for example if most people are supposed to be at work by 8 am, an individual may decide to leave his or her place of residence by 5 am so as to reduce traffic.
Question nine: If the whole process of traffic was reversed, would the amount of traffic congestion reduce? The whole amount of traffic congestion would reduce if the whole process was reversed such as if the positives were changed with the negatives such as personal cars replaced with busses.
Question ten: By blending the above ideas, would the amount of traffic congestion reduce? Blending the above ideas will reduce the amount of traffic available on the roads. And given some amount of time the issue of traffic congestion will all be in the past.
Zheng, J., Gao, Z., Zhao, X., & Fu, B. (2008). Extended Fiber Bundle Model for Traffic Jams on Scale-Free Networks. International Journal of Modern Physics C., Vol. 19, No. 11, 1727-1735.

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