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Case Study: ‘The OSCar Project – Cars to save the world’ | | |

Case Study: ‘The OSCar Project – Cars to save the world’

Question 1 – IT took Hugo about 6 years to secure funding for the LIFEcar project whilst at the same time he was keen to develop the Hyrban city-car as a parallel project. Comment on the creation, development and management of the two projects. Where they indeed separate, as presented?
The creation of the LIFEcar project was based on opportunities that had been generated by the current practices of the automotive industry. In times were combating global warming is a big issue Hugo identified that the long term future of the automotive industry was uncertain as it relied heavily on finite fossil fuels. Hugo identified a market opportunity that would take advantage of the current issues the automotive industry had by proposing a vehicle that did not depend entirely on the consumption of finite fossil fuels. The creation of the LIFEcar project was Hugo’s answer to clean transport and it seemed to be the way forward and future of automotive technology. With the concept of the LIFEcar project underway Hugo identified another potential market for Hydrogen fuel cell Car, one which he believed seemed to be a more ideological market and moved away from the development of a HFC sports car. Hugo identified that a more promising early market would be for HFC city-cars, this lead to the development of a second project the Hyrban city-car. The Hyrban city-car had similar technological aspects to those that were introduced in the LIFEcar project and therefore seems to just be a slight variation of the LIFEcar to allow it to enter another potential market.
The development on the project structure for the LIFEcar project began with Hugo creating a consortium of partners of both academic and private organisation. The partners of the LIFEcar project

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