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| OTAGO MUSEUM | Comprehensive Balance Scorecard | | | |

Hoi Yan Cheng 9552508
Yu Liu 9552762

BBUS 425 Advanced Management Accounting
Instructor: Tony Bell
Thompson Rivers University
Date: Feb 1st, 2011


DATE: January 30, 2011
TO: Shimrath Paul, CEO of OTAGO MUSEUM
RE: Analysis of Comprehensive Balance Scorecard for Otago Museum

It is a great pleasure to have the opportunity to work with you. According to your request, I have completed the design of the comprehensive Balance Scorecard (BSC) for our museum. The newly designed comprehensive Balance Scorecard (BSC) is divided into four sectors: Financial, Learning and Growth, Internal Process and Community Perspective. Financial is concerned with supporting further programs and operations under learning and growth. A better internal process will be developed in a well developed learning and growth environment. We are working toward our prime mission “To be an inspirational museum of which the people of Otago and New Zealand are proud.” Community innovation and engagement in the community perspective are our final goals with this Balance Scorecard (BSC) (See Appendix 3 and 4).

Understanding that the financial situation is the foundation to support the ongoing program and contracture operation, and our first priority is to strengthen our financial circumstances. According to the 2009 statement of financial performance report, the revenue generated from museum tickets and the café and gift shop operations have exceeded our expectations. The café and gift shop operations can be our focus next year. Besides, the majority of funding is from local sponsorships. We did not obtain any national funding from the government during 2009. National funding is...

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