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“Our Knowledge Is Deeply Inter-Twined with and Not Separable from Our Language.”

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As humans, we usually tend to adapt to different surroundings and habits that make us who we are. Automatically, since the time we are born, we have been exposed to different types of knowledge that has been controlled by language and further more influenced by culture. This helps us generate our feelings like expressing our moods, behaviour, what we want; and emotions expressed through the use of language. The statement states that our knowledge is not possible without language and to prove this I will use common everyday life examples to show that knowledge and language cannot be separable. Language in general is always controlled by knowledge as they come hand in hand. It can be expressed through different forms depending on the context and media. Language can be communicated verbally, through the use of words, using signs and signals. For example, a small issue like making a phone call can be shown using actions, signs and words, however this relates to the knowledge one has about making phone calls, hence the language has to be there. Also, on the road, drivers are very familiar with road signs all around the world as it is universal, this makes it an issue considering if knowledge is universal. In my opinion, knowledge is universal because all the drivers anywhere in the world can understand the content and therefore be able to communicate fully without hesitation. The question that arises is that; do you know knowledge the same as I do, and if we speak different languages to express the same knowledge, can the knowledge we wish to express be different? In some languages, there are situations where there is no particular word to express ideas. This has occurred in French when we say “manger bien ou bien manger.” In French, this means eat healthy or eat a lot, but in English it means eat well or well eat. The direct translation does not make sense at all...

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