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Our Secret

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The effect of secrets
“Our Secret’’ pp. 712-713, Alternative Assignment #4

Withney Belanger
November 14, 2012
English 101, Section 16
Margaret Bratsenis

Work Cited
Griffin Susan. “Our Secret.’’ Ways of Reading. 9th Ed. David Bartholomae, and Anthony Petrosky. Boston: Bedford/ St. Martin’s, 2011. 712-713.Print.

Crystal Lee “The Effects of Parental Alienation on Children”

Belanger 1 In Susan Griffin’s essay, “Our Secret,’’ she talks about her secrets and she gives detailed insights into her life and ones of those that suffered through the Holocaust. The three biggest parts that she talks about is her own feelings, secrets and fears, her own experiences, the life of Heinrich Himmler, Leo, Helene, and Chief of the Nazi SS. The way that she organized her essay was very confusing and it would jump around a lot so you never really understood how everything would come together in the end. Griffin’s says “The DNA molecule is made of long, fine paired stands. These strands are helically coiled” (Griffin 379). Griffin’s tells what happens to the nucleus, and how the inner-workings of the nucleus develop into a cell which gives rise to many cells, which will eventually become an embryo. So the cell is how someone was made with and your development can be affecting you as you growing up. Baby is born with no secrets, innocent with arms wide open and then she is implying that at that point in a person’s life is the only point where there are no secrets. Griffin’s say it is impossible for someone to not have secrets in their life. But later on the story she explains how the one missile develops into a bigger and more effective missile. Griffin’s explores Heinrich Himmler and the secrets that are unseen inside of him. A father and child are bound to one another, father to his child for his own "self...

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