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[MARKET RESEARCH] | Submitted by: Shaiza Shahid Chaudhry / Roll No: 10-002 |

The study explores the need for plus size western wear for women and the client brand for this is Outfitters. This project identifies the fit problems which sturdy women face. This study focuses on all the design elements of the range for instance; silhouettes, colors, sizes, textures, which are required by the customer in order to come up with a whole new range for sturdy women. This study will help Outfitters determine factors so that they can have effective sales. The combination of exploratory and conclusive research is used for this research which includes unstructured interviews and pilots surveys. For conclusive research; survey methods and observations will be conducted. For the initial studies secondary research is also conducted; to see what sorts of trends are followed for plus size outfits by directional brands. For secondary research; available literature is reviewed and the books on clothing fits are reviewed as well. There is no specific age-bracket, anyone who is sturdy or little but oversized is included in the target market, and the class for this range is medium to upper-middle class. Later the research will be analyzed with the help of SPSS and tabulation. After analysis, data will be concluded so that Outfitters can use this study to launch its plus size western wear for women collection.
There is an increase in the demand of western wear apparel because Pakistani market is moving towards western styles, but when it comes to sizes our market is lacking behind in it, there are a lot of people who are willing to wear western outfits but cannot because of the sizes issues. Since women or the everyone who is a plus size cannot find proper sizes they try to fit themselves in whatever they find, the comfort is the most fundamental requirement for plus size people and that is not being provided by the existing brands. Pakistani market is really good at different styles and textures but the sizing issue needs to be dealt. The reason I am suggesting this idea is because I think there are a few or no brands which are providing quality plus size western apparel, with the help of this project the demands and needs of plus size women can be met.
When it comes to plus size apparel the factors like sizes and fabrics has to be integrated with good designs. Comfort factors are also very important when selecting fibers for plus-sized designs. Some fibers are naturally absorbent and others are moisture repellent. A ripstop nylon that works well for a lightweight raincoat would not be comfortable for a warm weather nightgown. Some fibers breathe, that is, allow air and moisture to pass from the body to the outside air, or they may be occlusive, that is, hold in body heat and moisture. Some fibers burn; some don't. Another performance characteristic that affects design is the fiber's durability. For example, some fibers are more resistant to abrasion than others, and some are stronger than other. These factors needs to be considered while making plus sizes because more fabric is consumed in the production and they should be durable because there is more stress being put on them.
Outfitters, Outfitters Junior, Bang and Ethnic are all brands of the parent company Times Clothing Pvt. Ltd. Established in 2003, and having its headquarters located in Lahore over an area of 70,000 sqft, Times Clothing introduced the fast fashion business concept to Pakistan.
Times Clothing Pvt. Ltd. has a long-standing commitment to sustainability. Indeed, the principle of sustainability is incorporated into every aspect of the company's business from product design to manufacturing and distribution. From its early days in 2003 as a manufacturer of knits and woven, it has expanded its product range and now specializes in design manufacture, marketing, and distribution of ready-to-wear apparel and accessories. Today its production capacity has reached up to 1,800,000 pcs annually.
Outfitters also established in 2003 as the retail arm of Times Clothing Pvt. Ltd. has grown to become the market leader in Pakistan with more than 65 stores spread over 14 cities. Initially Outfitters focused on Men's and Women's street smart fashion, however, a few years later in 2008 a brand for kids was launched by the name of Outfitters Junior. In 2009 another brand focusing on the wholesale side of the market namely Bang was introduced and in 2011 a Women's Eastern Wear brand, Ethnic has been launched. Most recently Outfitters has opened its first Store outside Pakistan in Dubai and plans to add many other destinations to that list in near future.
The world is changing. The advent of free flow of information resulting from internet and satellite has resulted in sweeping changes in fashion trends throughout the globe. Distances lost their importance, time a precious commodity. To continue to thrive as a business, as a leader, as a trend-setter over the next ten years and beyond, we must look ahead, understand the trends and forces that will shape our business in the future and move swiftly to prepare for what's to come. Getting ready for TOMORROW TODAY is the key. That's our mission, our vision. It creates a long-term destination for our business and provides us with a "Roadmap" for winning together with our customers, employees and partners.
Our Roadmap starts with their mission, which is enduring. It declares our purpose as company and serves as the standard against which we weigh our actions and decisions. * To refresh the world * To inspire moments of optimism and happiness * To create value and make a difference.
Vision serves as the framework for our Roadmap and guides every aspect of our business by describing what we need to accomplish in order to continue achieving sustainable, quality growth.
People: Be a great place to work where people are inspired to be the best they can be.
Portfolio: Bring to the world a portfolio of quality apparel brands that anticipate and satisfy people's desires and needs.
Partners: Nurture a winning network of customers and suppliers, together we create mutual, enduring value.
Productivity: Be a highly effective, lean and fast-moving organization.
Values serve as a compass for our actions and describe how we behave in the world.
Leadership: The courage to shape a better future.
Collaboration: Leverage collective genius.
Integrity: Be real.
Accountability: If it is to be, it is up to me.
Passion: Committed in heart and mind.
Quality: What we do, we do well.
WORK SMART * Act with urgency. * Remain responsive to change. * Have the courage to change course when needed. * Work efficiently.
Inspire creativity, passion, optimism and fun.
Product Category:
* Shirts * Jeans * Pants * Belts * Shoes * Sneakers * Vests * Bags * Moccasins * Coats
* Tops * Shoes * Tights * Jeans * Pants * Jackets * Coats * Cardigans * Bags
* Outfitters, 2nd Floor, Xinhua Mall,Gulberg III., Lahore * Outfitters, Shop # 14-D, Ground Floor Mall of Lahore., Lahore * Outfitters, Hussain Chowk, Gulberg III, Next to CTC., Lahore * Outfitters, 1st Floor, Pace Mall, Gulberg III., Lahore * Outfitters, 96 - Y Block, Near Outer Circle, DHA., Lahore * Outfitters, Al-Hafeez Tower, Opposite Pizza Hut, MM Alam Road, Gulberg II., Lahore * Outfitters, 9, Bridge Market, Fortress Stadium., Lahore * Outfitters, 13 - L Block, DHA., Lahore * Outfitters, 1st Floor, Pace Mall, Link Road, Model Town., Lahore * Outfitters, Karim Block Market, Allama Iqbal Town, Lahore * Outfitters, Shop # 30-31, Karim Block Market, Allama Iqbal Town., Lahore
To launch plus size western wear for young women
To launch Plus Size Western-Wear for women who are sturdy and identify solutions to their fit problems, with different textures and silhouettes and fits. The client brand for this is Outfitters since it is already a market leader with 65 stores around Pakistan and catering to the people who are into western wear and Outfitters has done line extensions too so the idea is to launch this range as a part of line extension of Outfitters.
* To explore and describe the apparel preference of sturdy women * To determine the cuts and silhouettes preferences * To identify the design philosophy which is best for Outfitters to help them cater the preferences of plus size women * To provide the best possible prices

“To identify the needs and wants of plus size women in Pakistani market and to find solutions to their fit problems and to suggest line extension strategies to Outfitters.”
RESEARCH COMPONENTS: * To identify the target market for plus size western wear. * To study the sizes and measurements of plus size women in Pakistan. * To identify the taste of the women in plus size western wear. * To identify the most cost-effective strategy for Outfitters. * To identify the design philosophy compatible with Outfitter’s design philosophy. * To identify the appropriate mode of retailing for Outfitter for this line extension.

A research design refers to the plan on how one intends to conduct the research. Research design is described as decisions one makes in planning a study. The decisions include those about sampling, data collection, measurement issues as well as data analysis plans. This was a descriptive study using a quantitative approach. Secondary research was used to explore apparel sizing and fit problems and preferences of plus-size women. A blend of both exploratory as well as descriptive research is used in this research. This design was chosen as it focused on studying plus-size women who were experiencing fit problems with the apparel they buy from current brands and data was analyzed statistically to compare the fit problems and preference.
EXPLORATORY RESEARCH: * Reviewing available literature:
Secondary data available online was reviewed including; “The Effects of Visual and Written Fit Information on Plus-size Women’s Perceived Fit Risk”, "The new costumes of odd sizes:" Plus sized women's fashions”, “Apparel sizing and fit preferences and problems of Plus-size Working women”.
The common thing about all this available literature is that they talk about Plus-size women, but the limitations of looking at the data of these studies is that they were conducted for another market, and those markets are entirely different from Pakistani market. Plus there is one study which was conducted for U.S market from 1910-1924. So with the help of these studies the data is gathered about the preferences of plus-size women in terms of colors they like to wear and what kind of patterns and fabrics are suitable for the women who face fit problems when it comes to plus size western wear.
From these studies; this is analyzed that plus-size women or someone who is curvier they like to wear dark colors and they do no prefer busy patterns as it makes them look fatter. Plus people who fall into this category are more concerned about the comfort level of the outfit as a whole. Talking about the other studies, it is suggested that women who are plus size prefer to have a comfortable environment in the outlets. * Informal discussions with competitors:
Discussions with competitors who are providing plus size apparel which is only NEXT. The information was taken from them about the cuts and fits which are in high demand and in what fabrics. With the help of this, it was identified that women who are stout usually prefer loose fitted clothes and not body hugging and when it comes to colors they prefer dark colors so that they make them look slimmer or in shape. * Books on clothing fits and sizes and Psychology of plus size people.
Books on sizes and fits( for e.g. Clothing Appearance and Fit: Science and Technology) were reviewed in detail to see what kind of sizes make the target market feel comfortable, and book on psychology of plus size people were also reviewed to see how they would react in a particular situation. After reviewing these books it is believed that for the people who are curvy or stout prefer the clothes to be comfortable especially and that can be achieved by using the appropriate fabric for a particular silhouette a particular fabric is suitable and the stitching also plays an important role because that at the end makes the outfit comfortable as a whole. So the focus should be towards the stitching techniques and fabric of course.
DESCRIPTIVE RESEARCH: * Market Share of Outfitters: * Competitive Analysis:
With the help of this section it was figured out that who are the actual competitors of Outfitters are right now and who can be their potential competitors in the long run. The following is the list of Outfitters potential competitors: * EGO * BEECH TREE * KHAADI * ORIGINS * NEXT
The above mentioned brands are the competitors of Outfitters if it comes up with plus size western wear, because they offer such silhouettes which are comfortable to wear for the people who are plus size and people who cannot find plus sizes in western wear go for these brands. Because they also offer short length shirts or tops which can be used as a substitute of western wear and are worn with jeans usually. Next is one international brand which is available locally and can be Outfitters competitor when it comes up with plus size western wear because when people cannot find plus size from local brands they go for international brands.
SWOT stands for Strength, Weakness, Opportunity, and Threat. A SWOT analysis guides you to identify the positives and negatives inside your organization (S-W) and outside of it, in the external environment. Developing a full awareness of your situation can help with both strategic planning and decision-making. The SWOT method (which is sometimes called TOWS) was originally developed for business and industry, but it is equally useful in the work of community health and development, education, and even personal growth. SWOT is not the only assessment technique you can use, but is one with a long track record of effectiveness. The strengths of this method are its simplicity and application to a variety of levels of operation.
* The brand believes in trendy outfits and they also believe in variety. They try to show their uniqueness by launching new styles and trends every season. And their unique design philosophy is what makes them unique from their competitors. For this particular product category OUTFITTERS can charge high prices because the consumers of this cannot get trendy plus size clothing anywhere. With the help of this new line extension they can have a competitive edge which no direct competitor is offering. * Secondly, since the brand is catering to youth and to people who are into western wear, they can use this as an advantage and by launching this they can have loyal customers, because some of their already existing customers are not satisfied with the comfort level of their outfits, so they can use it at their advantage.

* Thirdly, talking about the visual merchandising of OUTFITTERS it is very appealing and they follow the same theme in all of their stores around the country, which is the use of wooden interior, which is quite appealing and gives good sign to the customer and the ambiance and the customer service is also very good, which can actually make their customers come back and encourage repeat buying.

* Prices which OUTFITERS charge are quite reasonable, even the trendiest shoes or clothes are quite reasonable for someone who belongs to upper-middle class can easily afford it. And OUTFITTERS strongly believes in value for money and that is incorporated in their merchandize.

WEAKNESSES: * The promotional campaign of OUTFITTERS are not very effective, they do not follow a theme or anything or they are not very appealing which increases the urge of the buyer to go and visit the outlet and even have a look at the merchandize.

* The sizes which are being offered in OUTFITTERS are not very comfortable to wear; the large size is actually the medium if we compare it with international brands.


* OUTFITTERS can make strategies for promotions in order to maintain its current customers and attract potential customers.

* Secondly, innovation can help OUTFITTERS to produce unique products and even work on their services that meet their customer’s changing needs. * Thirdly, new products or few more line extensions can help them expand their business more. Since they are already dealing in a lot of line extensions they have experience in that, they can come up with new line extension as well.

* OUTFITTERS has recently opened its store in DUBAI, they can also consider opening their stores in countries like U.S and U.K


* The intense competition in the market, Pakistani market is expanding day by day, and it is moving towards western trends so regardless of what the age of the person might be everyone is into western wear. So every single brand is coming up with western wear. To deal with this OUTFITTERS need to enter new market and capture new customers.

The units of analysis of this study were plus size young women aged between 16-24. * Respondents had to be plus size young women between ages 16 and 24 years.
Girls as young as 16 who are school going who are into western wear and who belong to upper-middle class and young women who are either college going or are bachelorette were chosen to conduct the pilot survey to see if they are experiencing fit problems or not. * Respondents had to earn a certain amount of money per month.
Outfitters is a well-known brand and the people who were targeted were selected on the basis if they can afford buying western wear from outfitters or not or to check if they like to spend more on western wear or not. * Respondents had to fall in the plus-size category for them to be included in the study.
The target group was supposed to be plus-size who were experiencing fit problems and who cannot find comfortable plus size apparel when it comes to western-wear.

The following questions were used to conduct the interviews:
Interview # ____________
Date ___________

SECTION I: Introduction
Hi, I am a student of Pifd. I’m working on my thesis which is about launch of western wear for plus size young women by Outfitters.
SECTION II: Background
We’ll start with some background information about your preference of plus size western wear.
Q1. Your brief introduction (what do you do, etc).
Q2. How many family members do you have belonging to the age bracket of 16 to 24?
Q3. How often do you go for western wear shopping?
Q4. How much money you usually spend on western wear?
SECTION III: Preference of plus size western wear (Color, Fits, Silhouettes, Fabric)
Next, we’ll talk about your preferences of fits and silhouettes.
Q5. Which type of fits you prefer? (Loose, body hugging,)
Q6. How much would you like to spend on tops and lowers?
Q7. Which type of fabric you prefer in tops? (Cotton, Knitted, Georgette, etc.)
Q8. Which type of colors you prefer? (Dull, Bright, Loud, etc.)

SECTION IV: Experience of purchasing plus size western wear and how effective are promotional campaigns for you.
Q9. What problems you face when you go for shopping?
Q10. How do you get to know about the new collection of western wear? (Through a magazine, billboard, etc.)
Q11. Have you found what you were looking for, as far as plus size western wear is concerned?
Q12. Right now, which brands in market are catering to your needs? And you feel they have exactly what you’re looking for?
SECTION V: Vision for change
We have one final section, a chance for you to make recommendations to improve the already established brands or launch some new brands of according to your desired preferences.
Q13. Would you like a brand for trendy plus size western wear?
Q14. Which type of western wear you want them to make for you?

Interview Analysis:
One on one interviews were conducted, around 10 interviews were conducted. And they were conducted with the similar age bracket which is being used for the study which is 16-24 years old, but all the respondents belonged to different demographics. And it was made sure all of them were plus size and only those people were selected who wear western wear to save the time and to have more authentic results. The people who were approached for interviews were selected after conducting the pilot survey to see if the chosen people fall in the category of plus size or not. The interviews were conducted in various universities in some shopping malls.
The interviews were conducted in schools and in DHA shopping malls and shopping areas because after conducting the pilot survey it was observed or noticed that the target market belonged to this area of the city more. All of the interviews are depicting that there is a huge demand for large sizes, people are willing to buy and wear western clothes but because of the non-availability of sizes they cannot wear western wear. And with the help of these interviews it was also identified that people really cannot find plus size western wear in Pakistan, by any known local brand and if they go for any international brand it is quite expensive, which is why some of the people have totally given up on wearing plus size altogether. When asked about the prices they are willing to pay everyone said that the prices OUTFITTERS is offering right now is quite reasonable because this is OUTFITTER’S competitive edge that they provide quality at reasonable prices. Talking about the colors they prefer it was said that they are more into darker colors because that makes them look slimmer especially if we talk about lowers, but in tops they like bright and loud colors too. People also said that they get their clothes stitched if they cannot get what they are looking for or even if they find the right size for themselves but there is not much option in colors and designs. And when asked about OUTFITTERS as a brand they said that it is one brand which has a lot of variety with quality and they would appreciate such brand coming up with this line extension.

In interviews people had to be approached in way that they do not get offended and terms which are not offensive at all were used. Some people at some point also got frustrated and were not very comfortable sharing the information regarding their size. So for this an informal discussion was done and all the interviews were conducted under a friendly environment. And it became more of a discussion kind of thing so that people will be more open and expressive about the problems they are facing in finding sizes for themselves.

For observations this grid was used at DHA Y block outlet and Xinhua Mall outlet of Outfitters to see what problems people are facing and in what terms their demands are not being met. Talking about appearance first of all of the people they all belonged to upper-middle class and Category | Includes | | Appearance | Clothing, age, physical appearance. Social status, are they potential customers? | | Verbal behavior and gestures | Who speaks to whom for how long, who initiates interactionHow willing is the customer to make a purchase and how conscious is the customer? | | Physical behavior and gestures | What people do, who does what,Who interacts with whom, who is not interacting. How people communicate? What people’s behavior indicate about their feelings towards the product? | | Human Traffic | How and how many people enter, leave and spend time at the particular store. Where people enter and exit, how long they stay, whether they are alone or accompanied. | | Reads label | Do they check the label of the product? For price? | | Queries | What kind of questions do they ask? Questions are regarding what? | |

especially women who visited the store belonged to the age bracket of 19-24. Which makes us say that Outfitter is not really a teenage brand. And most of the customers were potential customers they entered in the store with the intention to make a purchase. There were a lot of women who couldn’t find sizes for themselves; for example, they tried jackets and tops and were not very comfortable with the size and other than the sizes issue some people could not find much variety.
Verbal behavior and gestures states that people who were facing difficulty were asked by sales representatives about what problems they are facing, for this it was noticed that the customer service of OUTFITTERS is really good and the staff is quite friendly. Another thing which was observed that people who were little curvy and had doubt of not fitting in what they are looking for, hesitated trying the clothes. And about physical behavior and gesture about the attitude towards the product is that people were quite fascinated after having a look at the merchandize and they would seem interested in even making a purchase. There were also some cases where people had tried it and everything and they end up not buying the product, which makes us envisage that probably they have issue with the prices. About the human traffic a huge number of people visit the store and about 80% of them make a purchase too and for that product category varies, not all of them go for clothing some people bought shoes and some of them preferred accessories. About reading the labels every single individual read the label that would be probably the second thing they did and made the decision on the basis of both style and prices and lastly the size. And the questions people ask are usually about the sale; they want to know if there is some sort of sale going on. And other than that questions about different colors available were also asked. It can be said by looking at the data which was gathered through observation is that people actually like buying clothes and accessories from OUTFITTERS but a lot of people also find it difficult to find sizes for themselves, even some of the customers in jackets asked if they had large size in men’s section. So the large size which is being offered by OUTFITTERS is not really large size people who are even taller or broader cannot find sizes for themselves.

Some people became conscious when they noticed that they are being observed by someone, and the sales staff also gets curious if they do not know the purpose of this activity. So, later the permission had to be taken by the management. At the same time due to time constraints people who usually came did not have ample time so they couldn’t be approached and asked about the problems they face in detail. Observations were at the same time was quite time consuming and the observations took place for 4 days only. In observation since the discussion could not be done so a lot of thing were assumed to further authenticate the results the thing noticed in observations were later discussed with the store manager and sales representatives.

SURVEY QUESTIONNAIRES: Analysis of 200 Questionnaires Fig. 1

Fig.1 states that the age bracket which was approached falls in the age bracket of 19-24 and there are a very little number of people who fall in the age bracket of 16-18.

Fig 2. states that the chosen sample belonged to DHA mostly and other; other includes Thokar, Gulberg and Allama Iqbal Town

Fig.3 states that the sample size belonged to upper-middle class because their total household income is more than 65,000.

Fig 4. states that selected sample follows fashion trends most of them said yes and other people said somewhat and very few said that they do not.

Fig.5 states that there was a large sample who wears medium but there was an equal ratio of Large and Xtra large as well. But as compared to other medium is the most worn.

Fig6. states that if people find it easy to dress for their body type or not, most of the people said no. and some of them said somewhat. There was a very small ratio who said yes.

Fig 7. states that how easily they can find trendy plus size western wear in Pakistan, the maximum ratio is of somewhat and there is equal ratio of very easily and not at all.

Fig 8. states that most of the people get plus size western wear stitched if they cannot find what they are looking for in terms of sizes and colors and variety, and comparatively there was a small ratio who did not get it stitched.

Fig.9 states that people do not buy plus size western wear from online websites.

Fig.10 states that people usually pay 3000-4000 for a top.

Fig.11 states that people usually pay 3000-4000 for lowers

Fig.12 states that people like to wear black the most and deep red other than that other colors almost have the equal ratio.

Fig.13 states that most of the people prefer loose on both the top and bottom silhouette, other categories comprises of almost equal ratio.

Fig.14 states that people prefer skinny and straight the most and a few prefer wide leg too.

Fig.15 states that a lot of people would like to buy plus size if OUTFITTERS offer it.

Fig.16 states that people are willing to pay 2000-3500 for a top.

Fig.17 states that the level of satisfaction depends on almost all of the attributes mentioned but design the most.

Q17: What are your demands which are not being met in Plus Size?
People responded to this question by saying that there are not much trendy western wear outfits available in Plus size for e.g. they lack good designs and color combinations and there is either no plus size available altogether or if there is availability there is a very less variety. And even the limited ones which are not available they are not very comfortable to wear because the fabric usually used in western wear is rough. And if the plus size western wear is made, it should not make the body prominent. And even some of the people said that waist size above 32’ is not available, and it is very uncomfortable even for the people who are little curvier.
By looking at all the questionnaires it can be said that people who are interested to buy plus size are people who fall in the age bracket of 19-24 mostly, and that it because the majority which was approached to fill the questionnaires and who were plus size were 19-24 years old. And the people who are interested to buy plus size live in D.H.A, Johar Town and Allama Iqbal Town mostly. Household income of the sample size chosen is more than 65.000 which tells that the sample size belongs to upper-middle class. And when asked if people follows fashion trends most of them answered with yes and other than that half of the people answered with somewhat which means they do but if they cannot that is because of the non availability of the trendy clothes in the market. Sample size belong to upper-middle class and their income level is more than 65,000 means their living standard is high. When asked about what sizes they wear most of them answered with medium and secondly the size which people preferred the most was large. When asked if people find it easy to dress for their body type most of the people said that they do not find it easy to dress for their body type that also depicts that there is a non-availability of plus sizes which is why people are not satisfied in correspondence to this question people were also asked if they can find trendy plus size most of them said not at all which can be compared with the previous question asked if they find it easy to dress for their body type they answered with no, of course there is no availability of trendy plus size which is why they cannot find what they are looking for.
When asked about the colors the chosen sample size prefer to wear they answered with black the most and then deep red and dark purple. When asked the reason of choosing black they said that this specific color makes them look slimmer and even all the darker shades make them look good, but when asked about the preference of colors in tops they preferred bright and loud colors too, and for the silhouettes they prefer most of them answered with loose on both the top and bottom so that they feel comfortable and their body shape is not more prominent. And then about the fits in the jeans they prefer skinny but it should be comfortable and other than that people also prefer straight fits. The question which justifies the fact that there is a non-availability of plus size and people are actually willing to buy plus size is the question no.15 which is; if OUTFITTERS comes up with plus size western wear would they buy? About 70% of the people said yes and that can be further supported with the fact that people think of OUTFITTERS as a quality brand which offer good designs and styles at reasonable prices, these are the responses which were gathered through interviews. And to support this it was further asked from people if they come up with such range how much they will be willing to pay overall they said 2000-4000 overall including jeans and tops. Even some people said they are even willing to pay more because if they are getting them ready made and that is actually saving them the cost of going to the tailor and getting it stitched, they can pay even higher prices for that , and when asked about the attributes which are essential for their level of satisfaction most them said that it the design and color and comfort level of the clothing. LIMITATIONS:
The respondents were not very comfortable with them calling plus size, so the other approach was used it was discussed with the respondents in detail before giving them questionnaire that there is a lack of sizes available in the market and they are not very comfortable to wear for the people who are curvier or even big boned. So the stress was put on the comfort level and the fits are not appropriate which are being offered right now in the market.

Outfitters is a brand which comes up new trends and styles every season. When it comes to quality people are satisfied with Outfitters.

The above pie chart which is the part of the questionnaire analysis, justifies the fact that there are people who are willing to buy plus size if offered by OUTFITTERS. On the basis on the findings of internal analysis, interviews and observations OUTFITTERS should consider another line extension which would be dedicated to plus sizes or large sizes, keeping in mind the new trends and designs. This will help the brand retain their customers who are not satisfied with sizes right now and even would help them attract totally new market and customers.

By looking at the trend of people who would like to buy plus size and even from interviews it is identified that people face problems in sizes. And with the help of observations it is said that people have difficulty in finding sizes for themselves. * For launching the plus size it should be offered at Y block DHA outlet first of all because people who were approached to ask if they can find sizes or not belong to DHA the most. And if it works out they can expand this line extension into other branches and even to other cities. * To promote this, they can use their already existing promotional mediums, for example, billboards magazine and can even do it through their Facebook page. The brand can promote itself in the magazines where its competitors advertise. The brand needs to advertise itself at the right time. The magazines should be: Sunday Magazine, GoodTimes and Libas. These are weekly, bi-monthly and quarterly magazines * The brand should also introduce more accessories into their product categories, once they have established their plus size western wear and should go with the newly launched plus size range. * The brand can also consider to spend more on advertising, since it is not spending much in that area. * Lastly, the brand can launch their seasonal catalogues and their own magazines, which can decrease their dependency on promoting new range through other magazines.

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...contribute to building positive brand equity (list one). Which factors do you think would be the main contributors to a firm’s brand equity? 1. Product range 2. Relative product quality 3. Word-of-mouth 4. Social ‘status’ of the product 5. Visibility of the product 6. Market share (extent of popularity) 7. Success of new products 8. Target markets 9. Competitive set 2. Now review the second list of brand equity benefits. Which ones do you consider to be the main benefits? 1. Increased sales 2. Price premium 3. Customer loyalty 4. Perceived popularity and real visibility 5. Point-of-sale merchandise uptake 6. Supplier bargaining power 7. New product success 8. More product line extensions 9. Significant competitive advantage 10. Point-of-sale merchandise uptake 11. Easier market development 12. Stable cash flow and easier planning 3. Looking at the two lists, do you think that there is a relationship between the two? That is, does a strength/performance in one list contribute to a better result for a similar factor in the other list? (Example, a strong brand can be built by social media, yet strong brands will generally have a greater social media presence and uptake.) Yes, I imagine that there is a relationship between the two records. According to my perspective I surmise that is does quality in one rundown add to a superior result for a comparable element in the other rundown. It is......

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Pst Case Study

...In a Bind Peak Sealing Technologies Product Line Extension Dilemma Table of Contents Introduction 3 Customer Analysis 3 Who are the customers? 3 Buying Processes 5 Relationships 6 Company Analysis 7 Networks 8 Recommendations 9 Conclusion 9 References 10 Peak Sealing Technologies Product Line Extension Dilemma Introduction Peak Sealing Technologies are a Texas based, leading manufacturer of high quality and innovative adhesive products. Their lines are heavily focused on premium industrial strength tapes, carton sealant and other packaging products. PST are steadily expanding their net sales and have experienced huge growth over the past 5 years. One of their product lines is known as K-2 tape, a pressure sealing tape of which there are nine variations. Recently Tensile, a competitor in the industry, released a new economy line tape of which PST believe may quickly become a threat to them. Now, PST are debating the consequences and outcomes of releasing an economy line tape to reduce the likelihood that Tensile’s cheaper Ecoslim and Ecoslim-wide will replace two variations of K2 tape in consumer minds.  However, as this contradicts their established reputation as a premium brand, careful analysis of the industry, end customer and distributor forces, and company relationships and needs is required. PST must use this analysis to address two key challenges – retaining their current customer base, and ensuring their premium reputation remains......

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Marketing Plan of Led Lights share of this market from a very long time and this is evident from the launch of a new and improved version of Colgate Sensitive Original, known as Colgate Sensitive Pro-Relief. Earlier this premium segment of the market consisted of a lot of players like Colgate's very own Sensitive, Pepsodent's Sensitive, Miswak and a few more players in the market who were already charging a premium price from the consumers as compared to the other variants of toothpastes available in the toothpaste market i.e. the prices in this segment were at a premium of around 30 percent than the other toothpaste variants present in the market. Also, if Pepsodent was already present in this segment then why did it launch a new product using the product line extension strategy to come out with a new and an improved version of the Colgate Sensitive? The answer to this question lies in the fact that a few months back Sensodyne entered into this market and decided to occupy a place into a smaller niche segment and took the competition to an all new level and since Colgate did not want to leave the...

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Case: Woolworths

...exists. Reduced pricing to remain competitive during tough economic conditions is a necessary move. Lost revenues due to margin erosion can be replaced via additional product lines. Retail strategy continues to be aimed at the niche high-income market. Entry into the ‘black diamonds’ new market opportunity does not dilute the value proposition. - Represents a new market development and extension of product range within the higher LSM market. - Purchasing power of the new segment is relevant and cannot be ignored. - Value proposition supports offering within the new market. 2. When the economic conditions change for the better, should Woolworths withdraw some of the added products? Please Explain. No, Woolworths must not withdraw any of the added products. Before Woolworth introduced the added products, research and developments studies were conducted and it became apparent that there was the market for product range introduced New product lines shall never be seen as the cheaper substitutes, instead product line extension. Woolworth’s strategic positioning is fresh food, quality and innovation, premium pricing and niche markets Exhibit 3 indicates a decline in performance (2007 – 2009). Exhibit 3 indicates a decline in performance (2007 – 2009). - New product lines / extensions provide much needed revenue streams and consequential gains in market share Exhibit 2 indicates that Woolworths market share has increased...

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...satisfy the desires and preferences of the customers, the products are usually intensively searched by the customers. The end products of the Terra Cycle are bought in bulk by the customers since the products are unique and effectively suite the consumers. The customers are also keen about any change that is made to the food products that are manufactured by the Terra Cycle. Any slight change that is made to the plant flood staff attracts the attention of the customers. This has made it almost impossible for the Terra Cycle to make any sudden changes to the food products produced by the firm. 2. Go to www. terracycle. net and look at the types of products the company sells. Describe their product mix. How wide is it? Which basic product lines does it sell? How long are they? The TerraCycle manufactures various diverse products that are made readily available to the customers through distributing the products to the marketplaces. Since the company manufactures numerous products, it is better for the company to purchase all the related products together. This is very vital since it reduces the high charges that the company would incur if the manufactured products are manufactured and sold as a single unit. Purchasing of the products that are associated as a single unit is cheaper compared to purchasing the product one after the other. Selling of the related products together reduces the money...

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Existing Brand Research Report

...Report Urban Outfitters Urban Outfitters brand was introduced by Urban Outfitters, inc. which is a multinational clothing corporation that has its distinct brand and has its headquarters in Philadelphia in the United States. It operates in United States and in Europe serving a dynamic market and also controlling a significant market share. The promise of the brand is to provide for its consumers relevant trends that will make them unique and stand out in a fashion industry that is experiencing complex and dynamic levels of competition. That means that an understanding of the tastes and preferences needed in the market is not enough as the brands need to act as trend setters (Urban Outfitters 2014). Urban Outfitters have a diverse inventory which includes clothing, house wares, and foot wares. The trends incorporated include kitschy, vintage, hipster, bohemian, and ironically humorous styles. Urban Outfitters brand has been associated with several other brands due to their relation to the company Urban Outfitters, inc. and the other brands include Terrain, BHLDN, Free People, and Anthropologies. Urban Outfitters brand in terms of persona it represents a unique style to young members of the society which makes individuals distinct and sets them apart from others. It links trendy fashion to music and lifestyle through presentation of products from famous designers in the modern society (Urban Outfitters 2014). Name and Logo The name of the brand is Urban Outfitters which......

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American Eagle Outfitters Company Analysis

...American Eagle Outfitters, Inc.: Retail Store Analysis Company Overview: American Eagle Outfitters, Inc., a billion dollar corporation, is ranked as one of the largest retail chains in America. With their central corporate headquarters in Pittsburg, Pennsylvania, and two other corporate facilities located in New York City and Tokyo, Japan, American Eagle, Inc. operates numerous mainline stores, factory stores, franchised stores, and distribution centers across the country and the globe. Company History: In 1977, the Silverman brothers, Jerry and Mark, who owned and operated Silverman’s Menswear, a Retail Ventures, Inc. company, founded American Eagle Outfitters. Opening the first store in Novi, Minnesota, the Silverman brothers were hoping to diversify their menswear line. Several stores were opened up and a catalog was created. American Eagle Outfitters continued to grow into 1990, when a leadership change to Jacob Price led to the introduction of casual, private-label merchandise for men and women. In 1994, American Eagle Outfitters became part of the NASDAQ stock exchange, which enabled the opening of 90 stores the following year. New executives came aboard in 1996 and decided to alter the target demographics of the target market and reach more women, as well as focus on those 18-32 years of age. Shortly after, American Eagle expanded to e-commerce with By 2000, American Eagle operated 500 stores and revenues for the company quintupled to $1 billion. The......

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Investments in Inventory and Accounts Receivable

...APPENDIX C UNITED STATES SECURITIES AND EXCHANGE COMMISSION Washington, DC 20549 FORM 10-K FOR ANNUAL AND TRANSITION REPORTS PURSUANT TO SECTIONS 13 OR 15(d) OF THE SECURITIES EXCHANGE ACT OF 1934 È ANNUAL REPORT PURSUANT TO SECTION 13 OR 15(d) OF THE SECURITIES EXCHANGE ACT OF 1934 For the fiscal year ended January 31, 2009 ‘ TRANSITION REPORT PURSUANT TO SECTION 13 OR 15(d) OF THE SECURITIES EXCHANGE ACT OF 1934 For the transition period from to Commission File No. 000-22754 URBAN OUTFITTERS, INC. (Exact Name of Registrant as Specified in Its Charter) Pennsylvania (State or Other Jurisdiction of Incorporation or Organization) 23-2003332 (I.R.S. Employer Identification No.) 5000 South Broad Street, Philadelphia, PA (Address of Principal Executive Offices) 19112-1495 (Zip Code) Registrant’s telephone number, including area code: (215) 454-5500 Securities registered pursuant to Section 12(b) of the Act: Title of Each Class Name of Exchange on Which Registered Common Shares, $.0001 par value The NASDAQ Global Select Market LLC Securities registered pursuant to Section 12(g) of the Act: None Indicate by checkmark if the registrant is a well-known seasoned issuer, as defined in Rule 405 of the Securities Act. Yes È No ‘ Indicate by checkmark if the registrant is not required to file reports pursuant to Section 13 or Section 15(d) of the Act. Yes ‘ No È Indicate by checkmark whether the registrant (1) has filed all reports required to be filed...

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Gap Inc. Case Study

...Gap Inc. Meghan McGowan Simmons College Introduction Gap Inc. is a major player in the family clothing market worldwide. They have locations in the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, France, Ireland, Japan and franchised locations in Bahrain, Indonesia, Kuwait, Malaysia, the Philippines, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, South Korea, Turkey, the United Arab Emirates, Greece, Romania, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Mexico, Egypt, Jordan, and Croatia, and Israel. In 2009 they had the highest market share in the U.S. family apparel industry. Five Forces Analysis 1. Competition from rival sellers is strong. The rapid introduction of new trends in fashion causes the clothing industry to be in a state of constant change. The myriad of options for consumers of stores to purchase clothing causes switching costs to be low. It is essential the companies are able to respond quickly to new trends in order to appeal to consumers and create brand loyalty due to the high amount of competition in the industry. 2. Competition from potential new entrants is weak. In the apparel industry the barriers to entry is very high. It is imperative for a company to have high brand loyalty, due to the low switching costs. This makes it difficult for new entrants to survive, because they will not have brand loyalty. Consumers tend to stick to clothing brands that they like and to continue to shop there if they trust the......

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Company History

...Corporate Histories History of Under Armour Under Armour is currently an athletic apparel, footwear, and accessory brand with the mission “to make all athletes better through passion, science, and the relentless pursuit of innovation” (Under Armour website). The brand was founded in 1996 by University of Maryland football player Kevin Plank in the basement of his grandmother’s house in Baltimore, Maryland. Based on his own athletic experience, Plank was inspired to create a sweat-wicking undershirt that did not get moisture-laden with sweat during games and practice. The company gained initial success with grassroots marketing among the athletic community. Under Armour did not reach mainstream consumers until the company’s products appeared in the 1999 film Any Given Sunday. It has continued to appear in other movies and television shows, and it has gained many athletic stars as spokespeople of the brand. Under Armour launched its first television advertisement, featuring football player Eric Ogbogu, in 2003. These marketing efforts have done well to expand consumer recognition of the brand’s initial product. Sweat-wicking shirts are now commonly known as “Under Armour” similar to the way tissues are now often just called “Kleenex.” With its evolving brand image, Under Armour has been able to expand beyond the athletic performance apparel market, which it dominated at 75% of market share in 2005. Following its initial public offering in 2005, which raised over $100......

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103 Licensing Compan

...Leading Licensing Companies By Dawn Wilensky A combination of new and evergreen properties/brands drove 2006 worldwide retail sales of licensed merchandise. Over the last five years, we have made strategic changes to our Leading Licensors list to ensure up-to-date, accurate worldwide retail sales estimates. This year, we made yet another change. As the line between licensor and licensing agent continues to blur—with many licensors taking on the task of representing properties/brands outside of their portfolio, and many traditional licensing agents being charged with fueling power for the brands/properties they represent—we have widened our list to include overall retail sales figures for licensing agents. As a result, we have changed this feature's name from “Leading Licensors” to “Leading Licensing Companies” to better reflect the power of the licensing business. As for this year’s list, which reflects 2006 worldwide retail sales of licensed merchandise, No. 1 Disney recorded a $2 billion increase in retail sales fueled, in part, by consumer demand for all things Pirates of the Caribbean, High School Musical, Cars, and Disney Princess. Sanrio also saw a significant uptick in sales, rising from $4.2 billion in 2005 to $5.2 billion in 2006. Phillips-Van Heusen makes its debut on the list at No. 2 with $6.7 billion in sales driven by proprietary brands Van Heusen, Arrow, Izod, Bass, and Calvin Klein. Other newcomers include: Carte Blanche Greetings ($700 million); Sean......

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Best Retail Brands 2012 - Interbrand

...Best Retail Brands Founded in 1974, Interbrand is one of the world’s largest branding consultancies. With nearly 40 offices in 26 countries, Interbrand’s combination of rigorous strategy, analytics and world-class design enables it to assist clients in creating and managing brand value effectively across all touchpoints in all market dynamics. Interbrand is widely recognized for its Best Global Brands report, the definitive guide to the world’s most valuable brands, as well as its Best Global Green Brands report which identifies the gap between customer perception and a brand’s performance relative to sustainability. It is also known for having created, an international online exchange and resource about brand marketing and branding. For more information on Interbrand, visit For more than 30 years we have been creating retail brand experiences for companies around the world. Interbrand Design Forum’s talent for game-changing innovation spurred us to create a business model that integrates analytics-based strategy into what began as a design and architecture group — the first and only company with such a comprehensive offering. Our broad range of services includes: retail design, brand strategy, shopper sciences, packaging, digital, documentation and rollout. This unique ability to address retail’s growing complexity has led many of the world’s top companies to our doorstep and propelled Interbrand Design Forum to the forefront......

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Oliberte Marketing Plan

...Marketing Plan Oliberté International Marketing MIB Front - Team 4 I. Executive Summary II. Concept Statement A. Company Background and Mission B. Products and Services C. Business Model: Sustainability and Uniqueness D. Strategic Intention E. Marketing F. Risk Analysis G. Differentiation H. Evaluation: Factor of success III. Situation Analysis A. Industry Analysis 1. Industry overview 2. Porter five forces 3. Market size 4. Position in the market life cycle 5. Available distribution structure, plus attitudes and practices 6. PESTEL 7. Risk Analysis B. Firm Analysis 1. Brief history of the company and stage of internationalization 2. SWOT Analysis 3. Stakeholder Analysis 4. Product Development and Product Extension 5. Pricing and Financial Policy 6. Internet and E-commerce 7. Organizational Structure C. Competitor Analysis 1. Competitive Positioning: Direct and Indirect Competitors 2. Market Share Distribution 3. Future Competition – Direct and Indirect Competitor 4. Barriers to Entry 5. Competitive Advantages D. Customer Analysis 1. Who are your customers? 2. What do customers want/need? 3. What must be done to satisfy their wants and/or needs? 4. What is the size of the market? 5. What is the growth profile? IV. Strategic Marketing Decision A. Marketing Scope B. Marketing Goals 1. Successfully launch and market the expansion of the product offer 2 Marketing Plan Oliberté International Marketing MIB Front - Team 4 2. Successfully launch and market......

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...Chapter Three 3 Fundamentals of Cost-Volume-Profit Analysis Orientation P A R T 1 LEARNING OBJECTIVES Preparing and Organizing Yourself After reading this chapter, you should be able to: for Success in College L.O.1 Use cost-volume-profit (CVP) analysis to analyze decisions. L.O.2 Understand the effect of cost structure on decisions. L.O.3 Use Microsoft Excel to perform CVP analysis. L.O.4 Incorporate taxes, multiple products, and alternative cost structures into the CVP analysis. L.O.5 Understand the assumptions and limitations of CVP analysis. C H A P T E R S I N P A R T O N E 1 2 Making Yourself Successful in College Approaching College Reading and Developing a College-Level Vocabulary Approaching College Assignments: Reading Textbooks and Following Directions 3 ✓ Related Resources See pages 000 to 000 of the Annotated Instructor’s Edition for general suggestions related to the chapters in Part One. 1 cor50782_ch01_001-072.indd 1 10/5/09 11:09:2 P A R T I opened U-Develop because I love photography and I wanted to own my own business. I now get to spend most of my day working with employees and customers making sure that the photos they take are the best they can be. It also gives me a chance to encourage younger people who have an interest in photography, because I work with many of the school groups and after-school clubs here in town. That’s the fun part of the job. But I also have to think about the financial side of the business. I need a systematic way to......

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