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Outline One Key Research Into the Effects of Day Care

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In 1988, Vandell et al researched into the long term impact of day care experiences of varying quality. Are the effects of poor quality day care short lived, or do they have long term impacts on a child’s development? They researched into these questions, using a longitudinal research. An observational method was used with a number of 4 years old at different day care centres and again when the children were 8 years old during play sessions. The data gathered for behaviour at 4 years of age were part of a previous study by Vandell and Powers in 1983.
The Observation at 4 years consisted of a total of 20 children, half male and half female. They were observed in a random order during a free play session at their day care centres for 20 second intervals for 16 minutes. There were three behavioural categorises used in the observations, positive/negative interaction with peers, positive/negative interaction with adults and solitary play and unoccupied behaviour. In the observation at the age of 8 the children were videotaped through one-wag glass for 45 minutes whilst taking part in controlled play with three other children. The play was designed by the researchers to encouraged social behaviour. Whilst the children were playing, the mothers completed a survey from the researchers regarding family circumstances and the child’s day care history. For each child a behavioural checklist was completed using three categories. The first category is friendly interactions meaning is there a positive or neutral exchanges between two or more children. The following category is unfriendly interactions, negative behaviours including sarcasm and negative actions. Lastly, solitary play whether the child plays alone with objects with no communication with peers.
The child play observations were coded individually to the videotapes, a single blind-technique for regulating...

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