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Thomas Dang
Professor Decker
English 1B
21 November 2012
1. Introduction:
One of the biggest concerns in America in the past and in today’s time is what the required and appropriate drinking age should be in the United States. There has been statistics showing that the drinking has been lowered before and in that time period there were more accidents occurring more than when the drinking age were set at twenty-one.
1. Background:
The twenty first amendment in 1933, it gave individual states to legalize, regulate, or prohibit alcohol which was known as repeal of prohibition. The repeal of prohibition act was what changed the drinking age to twenty-one to eighteen, not all fifty states lowered it but about over thirty states did. The act Mothers Against Drunk Driving was what set the drinking age back to twenty-one.
2. Argument: We should not lower the drinking age to eighteen because of the fact that the earlier the teenager get to drink the earlier they are risking their development of their brain and the health of their body. Not only that it affects their health but it also affects their academic in school and their safety while driving under the influence.
a) Reason 1: Keep the drinking age at twenty-one because it keeps the highways and streets safer.
b) Reason 2: A better chance in better academic progression, due to the fact that the brain still develops until the age of twenty-five.
c) Young adults are more mature at the age of twenty-one than eighteen.
3. Counter Argument:
a) Lowering the drinking age will lower the rate of binge drinking.
b) At age eighteen, young adults can enlist in the army, buy cigarettes, and have the rights to vote then why aren’t they allowed to purchase alcohol?
4. Rebuttal:
d) Underage drinkers will binge drink regardless of what the drinking age is, but if…...