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I. Introduction
a. Working for my own money during my high school year’s felt great.
b. Even though it did take time from my school work, I learned how to manage my time.
c. Some people may think that having a job throughout your high school year may distract you and bring your grades down; I think otherwise, because it shows students responsibility, time management, and how they can save up for their future expenses.
II. Responsibility
a. Getting a job at a young age shows students responsibility because they learn how hard it is to work for their own money rather than someone giving them what they ask for.
b. Being punctual is a huge responsible quality that students learn when they begin working.
c. A responsibility of having a job helps students prioritize their time.
III. Time management
a. Time management is another responsible quality that students learn from because they learn how to multi- task and make the most out of their time.
b. When having a job students tend to plan out what they have to do with their free time so they can complete any task that has to be done before their deadline.
c. Learning how to manage time at an early age is important because the sooner students learn how to manage time the better, because by the time students leave for college they will know how to manage time.

A. A student working for their own money always shows them how to spend their money wisely and how to rely on themselves and not on their parents.
B. Students may be less to spend their money because many students have bills to pay weather it’s a phone bill or even just helping out with bills around the house.
C. Learning how to manage your own money is always a life skill that everyone needs to have and learning how to do that at an early age will help them out a lot.