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Speech Outline
Name: GEO 102 Date: October 20, 2014


Introduction: A. (Attention Getter) (narration): There seems to be some myth that if you are taking the pill, you must be having sexual intercourse. The truth of the matter is that the pill provides health benefits and protections in addition to preventing pregnancy. B. (Tie to Audience): Entering college can be a scary thing for young adults our age because of what we hear in the news and what has recently been happening here with the rape incident. C. (Credibility): After conducting much information about contraception I've learned much about it. D. (Topic/Preview): First we will go over what contraception is. Then I will go over some examples.


Body A. Main point one (definition 1): According to Planned Parenthood, contraception is anything that prevents unplanned pregnancies and health conditions. In other words its the medicinal term for birth control. 1. Support 1 (Testimony or example, statistic, analogy): There are many different types of birth control such as: patches, implants, pills, ect. Birth control is not only for women but also for men which is male condoms.

Transition: Birth Control might be a scary thing for some of us but it shouldn't be. B. Main point 2 (definition 2): According to WebMD, Birth control is any method used to prevent pregnancy. 1. Support 1 (Testimony or example, statistic, analogy): According to Planned Parenthood, the pill has two general types — progestin-only and the “combined pill”, which contains progestin and estrogen. Both

types of pills reduce menstrual cramping, lighten periods and offer some protection against Pelvic Inflammatory Disease. III. Conclusion: A. (Restate main point): Being protected give us adults health benefits and also prevents unplanned pregnancies. B. (Tie back to Intro): So why not take care of your body when you are given the…...