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MGMT 341 - Ethics in Business Professor Gini Fall 2014 Final Study Guide
Prompt #2 • What is leadership? • How would you define a leader? • In your estimation, what are the five key jobs, tasks, and/or responsibilities of being a leader. • Besides B. Clinton, A. Lincoln, G. Washington, or your parents give me a personal example of a good leader. • Why is the Enron case a bad example of leadership? • Why is the Malden Mills case a good example of leadership?

Outline What Is Leadership? • Leadership is about inspiring others with confidence to accomplish the vision of the leader, organization, and community. • There is no correct definition of leadership. Leadership is a concept that we are fascinated by yet it is one of the least understood phenomenas of humanity. • Leadership is a trait that can be learned and enhanced with experience, however it is not something that can be just given, otherwise it will lead to failure. Leadership is a talent, like playing the piano, it takes time to cultivate leadership to become effective at inspiring others, much like it takes time for a pianist to be able to stroke the keys perfectly to Mozart’s Requiem. • “Putting a man in charge and calling him a leader is like giving a man a Bible and calling him a preacher. Bestowing the title, doesn't bestow the talent.” - Price Pritchett How would you define a leader? • Leaders have an ability to influence their followers with confidence through effective communication. • Leaders are teachers that set the path and challenge others to do so. • Leaders are stewards of their followers, and take risks on behalf of the followers (often seen as courage). In your estimation, what are the five key jobs, tasks, and/or responsibilities of being a leader? • Leadership requires; Character, Conscientiousness, Communication, Courage, Charisma Example of a Good Leader • Martin Luther King Jr. • Letter from a…...