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Outline Structure
I. Introduction
A. Thesis: The use of drone strike’s is morally and ethically sound based on evidence that shows drone warfare saves American lives, are just as accurate as conventional air strikes, and save tax payers millions of dollars.
II. Body Paragraph 1: The use of drone strikes has enabled the United States to neutralize thousands of terrorist targets without direct threat to American lives.
B. Supporting evidence:
1. Explanation: You cannot put a dollar amount on a human life, however a U.S. military pilot has millions of dollars of training invested in them and the aircraft to make combat aviation safe. Look at the F-35 program for example it is highly experimental and has costed 1.5 Trillion Dollars. The most advanced drones such as the X-47B have only cost the United States 900 million dollars to develop and deploy due to the removal of the human element from flying the aircraft.
2. So what? If you look at all the aircraft crashes over the past decade they have killed 277 Americans. If you would have had drones in those combat areas versus manned aircraft those are 277 lives that could have been saved along with hundreds of millions of dollars in death benefits, lost training, and the cost of the aircraft.

III. Body Paragraph 2: Topic sentence goes here.
C. Supporting evidence
3. Explanation
4. So what?
D. Supporting evidence
5. Explanation
6. So what?
IV. Body Paragraph 3: Topic sentence goes here.
E. Supporting evidence
7. Explanation
8. So what?
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