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Supply Chain Management Certificate
This “practical” interactive certificate series is designed to provide participants with a detailed look at global supply chain management with a focus on Purchasing, Inventory, and Warehousing. This certificate addresses issues in terms of today’s global supply chain and its supply chain streams and flow process, so practitioners can know how to make the most of this powerful tool. You will have the opportunity to explore a variety of global supply chain management areas in depth, extrapolate their logistics meanings, and apply the techniques needed to make it all work for your organization.
Mastering the supply chain’s dynamics is no longer extraneous to survival in today's global environment—it's essential. Because logistics affects 30% or more of the value added to your product, it offers abundant areas of opportunity and exciting possibilities for lowering the bottom line. Where you may not be able to control the outside influences, ambiguities, and contradictions of the global economy at large, you can have a profound influence on controlling those internal logistics factors that substantially affect your profitability or cost containment efforts.
Course Schedule
Global Supply Chain Basics and Technology (Day 1)
Global Logistics Basics and Functionality (Day 2)
Essential Aspects of Purchasing (Day 3)
Inventory ManagementPractices (Day 4)
Mastering Warehouse Mechanics (Day 5)
• Logistics, supply chain, procurement, purchasing, and distribution management personnel
• Experienced supply chain executives and managers with little or no formal training
• Plant, manufacturing, and materials managers with supply chain supervision
• Other managersand executiveswith supply chain and logistical interface
• Any IT or finance executives who needs to get a grip on their organization’s supply…...