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1. According to Chapter 12, what is the most important thing to be doing at every step of the presentational speaking process? Why is this the case?

❖ Select and narrow topic: Get started with something in hand.
▪ Ask question:
• Who is the audience? To present pervasive topics among relative audience.
• What is occasion? Topic already set
• What are my interest and experience? Topic that you felt interested of, and/or topics that already know a little of. The passionate could deliver a positive and energetic presentation, and also faster in brainstorming.
▪ Silent Brainstorming: generate ideas to expand or eliminate by interested relative topics.
▪ Use different resources from web, social media, interview, and articles

❖ Identify purpose: why are presenting to the audience? It can help with generating main ideas, organization, and supporting materials.
➢ General purpose- giving presentation with informing (define, describe, explain a thing, person, place, concept, or process) persuading, or entertaining.
➢ Specific Purpose- The exact goal you have for your speech, and by the end of the speech audiences should be able to do what was presented to them.
❖ Develop central idea: a standpoint of your topic. It is to focus on the content of speech.
➢ Difference of specific and central idea
▪ Specific purpose- guide presenter to prepare, but not stated.
▪ Central idea- guide audience to listen to presenter, and presented for the main focus.
• Audience- Centered: interested topics that provide information knowledge they did not know before, and topics that they might not considered.
• A single topic: central idea reflect on one topic
• A complete Declarative Sentence: Statement that makes a claim in your central idea, as opposing to asking a question.…...