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Textual Analysis of Obituary/Sense of Myself—Outline
Choose either Obituary or Sense of Myself.
I choose to write about ______Obituary __________________
Tentative thesis: Tell what you think your chosen text is about. What themes are present? Make an argument about how your text helps you to think differently about 1 of those themes. Write your argument here:
Some themes are: 1. Standard English and dialect
2. Shame and inferiority
3. A teacher’s influence for students
4. Suicide
5. Different ways to learn language

In this paper, I will argue that __As a student, Lovey can speak Standard English if she focuses on, but she does not like to say it when she talks to friends because she thinks it is not necessary. Even though she felt ashamed about her family, she loves more._
Examples from the text that help to prove the thesis (provide page #s):
1. “No one will want to give you a job. You sound uneducated. You will be looked down upon. You’re speaking a low-class form of good Standard English. Continue, and you will go nowhere in life…” (9)
2. “And nobody looks or talks like a haole. Or eats like a haole. Nobody says nothing the way Mr. Harvey tells us to practice talking in class…” (10)
3. “yeah,” says Wilma Kahale. “ I thought all Jays suppose for be smut. But you cannot even reduce one stupid fraction….” (14)
4. “ I think about dying every night. Sometimes I want to die at strange moments in the day. Sometimes every day….” (17)

Introduction: What will you talk about in your introduction?
As we all know, Standard English is very important for one person to live. Just like the teacher said, we must talk and learn Standard English. But the best way to learn it may not be the way which the teacher…...