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Outsider on the Inside

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Outsider on the inside
New Freedom It was a bright and sunny day; I had just rolled out of my bed. I stood up and stretched in the direction of the sun just shining its warm golden light over the building in from of my house. I was excited to attend Oakton Community College. I took a soothing warm shower that just wakes a person up. I called my good friend Michael; we had been excited about the college before the year even ended at Maine East High School.
“Yo! when you comin to pick me up?” I asked with a slight ghetto tone.
“Traffic is a b!tch in this town!” he replied angrily.
“Call me up when you get here.” I instructed.
After that we both entered the campus, and we could not believe our eyes. It was just so full of nature and life. I inhaled deeply capturing every moment. I walked steadily along the side walk connected to the lake. The memory would be cherished forever and it is what I would and could only describe it as "perfect".
Since Michael had different class than me we went our separate ways. Now I was inside the Oakton building. Everything seemed so intriguing and beautiful. I wanted to explore and never stop, but my class was about to start. I waited for both of my classes to end, and then I stepped outside of my English class to explore the lifestyle here at Oakton. I wandered around the hallways and the first thing I notice is that there is art work everywhere. First I saw this beautiful painting of lilies. The painting was mostly pained with Orange, Red, Yellow, and Green. It did not smell like oil paint so I am guessing it has been there for a long time. I kept walking and I see this life size model of a Deer. The model was made of metal. It was really detailed with its eyes and posture. I was looking at all this art and I started comparing Maine East with Oakton. In Maine East as I walked in the art hallway most of the work was done by students and they are proud to show it. They change the display boards every month so students can enjoy different art work. In Maine East there is a lot of encouragement for art, but everything is kept and displayed in a single hallway, but in Oakton it is being displayed everywhere. Second thing I noticed is the way security works at Oakton versus at Maine East is just totally different. In Maine East there is security everywhere and I personally feel like I am in a prison. If a student is in the hallway after the bell rings, he or she does not have a pass to go to the bathroom, and if his or her cell phone is out in a class they will send them to REA. Maine East is very strict about students not going out of the building during the school hours. However here at Oakton I feel so relaxed when I go take walks by the lake. Today I had a lot of free time after my Seminar class and before my English class. I was so happy that I did not have to ask anyone weather was it okay to leave the building; I just opened the door and left. At Maine East I would be considered a fugitive and they would call my parents, but here they encourage students to interact with nature as much as possible. As I walked near the lake I cannot forget the smell of freshly cut grass, mildly cold breezes, chirping of the birds, and to top it all off there was a girl playing Blackbird by The Beatles. I will never forget my first day at Maine East. I had just moved there from another country, and I did not know anybody. It was a tough first day. As I entered the Maine East cafeteria, I noticed that I had to scan in just to take a seat. Students were not generous at all; they all kept shoving and pushing everybody. I was planning to sit by myself, but I was a little bit late, so all the tables were full. I got to a table where there was no-one talking to each other, and I sat there for a couple of days until I made new friends. However at Oakton I knew most of the people in my class because they are from the same high school, but outside of class people are even nicer. My first day at Oakton was awesome. Right after my seminar class I had some time to kill until my next class. I had asked my sister who goes to Oakton, “What are some places where I can go in my free time?” she told me to go to café. That is why my friend Vadim and I went to the café after class. After we got there I heard people’s laughter and gossip, and I knew this was going to be fun. We entered the café almost everyone was on their laptops, but a few tables were filled up with a group. We were looking for people to sit with, and I saw this guy wearing a tennis shirt. “Hey Vadim! You know what would be a better quote for a tennis shirt?” I asked loudly. “I don’t know. You tell me.” he replied so everyone could hear him. “It takes balls to play tennis.” I said with a smile on my face. That had made everyone laugh and broke the ice. We were all good friends and we still are. After chatting with them for a while we found out that we all had a lot in common. Whenever I compare Maine East and Oakton the next important thing that comes to mind are teachers. I am sure all the teachers have the same ability to teach, but teachers at Maine East are just from a different planet. They do not understand me because I am just a normal student. Sometimes the teachers are also racist or sexist. My gym teacher was racist and sexist. Now imagine how a student must feel. In Maine East If students are not participating, they will try to encourage them a few times then just give up, but not at Oakton. On my first day in seminar class all the students came from high school and they were all shy to speak. Our professor tried his best to get us involved, but he was not getting any results. Next class he looked so excited to teach. Every time he wanted to confirm something he would yell “Can I get an amen?” or “Say hallelujah!” He would make us say amen or hallelujah. I do not know about the other students, but I thought it was very creative and funny. In conclusion, these are just my observations. It is very important for humans to observe, because we observe so much in an everyday life that we do not even know it. Everyone has their own thinking process after observing. If someone else experienced the same school and college they might have a different opinion. I love both of my schools even though one is very usual and boring, and the other is very new and exciting. There are many differences between them both, and that is what I love. I like exploring new environment, people, art, and lifestyle. I observed many differences between Maine East and Oakton. They both are unique in their own way, but I have a definite strong feeling about one than the other.

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