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Frankenstein Ethical Debate Reflection The only thing that is perfect is the word perfect, well at least it used to be. With all of the new technological advances and medical research, a person can change themselves into anything they want, a more symmetrical face and perfectly pointy nose is only one phone call and doctor’s appointment away. The new technological advances in the physical appearance of human beings is putting too much pressure of humans to be perfect, which is not a real or attainable thing which is causing the standards for humans to be set too high. Because of all of the physical changes that are now possible with plastic surgery, people are changing themselves from the way that they were made; people are no longer content with their natural beauty. The new surgeries and treatments that are now available for people are causing so much more pressure to fit in in society. How are people supposed to fit in if we keep making advances that make people feel like they need to change themselves even more. In my opinion each and every person is made differently and that is what makes the world the diverse place that it is, if everyone want to look the same and look “perfect” there will be no diversity at all. Before all of the medical advances were made true beauty was what people had, not silicone beauty. When people aren’t considered “beautiful” they are often looked over and not noticed, possibly even socially out casted. And now with all of the cosmetic surgeries it is even harder for people to fit in because of their natural beauty because society is telling them they are not good enough. If Frankenstein didn’t fit in back then in Mary Shelleys novel, he most definitely wouldn’t fit in in present day society. The reason that people feel that they don’t fit in is because of other people, other people and their judgments. In the novel people...

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