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Over – Representatio of Indegineous People in Australia.

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Over –representation of Indigenous people in the criminal justice system is well established. Although the extent of the over-representation is the subject of some disagreement and varies between communities and data (Ghys 1994: 132-137). the issue of Indigenous over-representation is not always at the forefront of public debate. It often takes high profile inquires, or tragic incidents to put the issue on the front pages of newspapers One document that highlights the high rates of over-representation is The Royal commission into Aboriginal death in custody, which was established in October 1987. This inquiry was mainly established to investigate the death of ninety-nine Indigenous people who died in custody over a period of nearly ten years. Despite the fact that, the issue of Indigenous over-representation is not an issue that occupies the minds of most people in Australia on a regular basis, it is a phenomenon which continues to have devastating effects on Indigenous people nation-wide, especially those who resided in rural areas. Reference: National report of the Royal Commission into Aboriginal Death in custody vol.2 (p.3):
History and Legislation
Indigenous communities in Australia had and continue to have very different cultural notions in relation to childhood and young Aboriginal people in the past. Generally there is no the same separation or exclusion of children being treated differently from the adult world. Responsibility of children and young Aboriginal people tend to be allocated through the kinship system and the wider Aboriginal communities. (Sansom & Bains 1988; Watson 1989). There have been three modes of colonisation and neo-colonial intervention into the lives of Aboriginal people during the last two centuries. These...

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