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Over worked students is a topic that is ignored and for that is happens more and more every day. The United States is rank fourteenth out of forty countries, South Korea is ranked number one, People constantly comment on the statics and say we need to do better but yet the Board of Education has made us so comfortable with how the learning system works..”
A. Over worked students is something that is constantly ignored and is a big deal. This leads to dropping out. While this is happening students are finding ways to ease the stress. Taking medication is one way they might find comfort and sometime they might become addicted and maybe even drop out of school. It’s not always drugs that gives students a reason to drop out, sometimes they might fall behind on a couple assignments and get discouraged and drop out as well. Another reason could be that they become be depressed and turn to drinking.
1. “Four Wesleyan students were arrested Tuesday evening on drug-related charges following an incident in which 10 students and two others who were hospitalized last weekend after overdosing on Molly, according to the Associated Press (AP).” , “Some of the students hospitalized had attended an on-campus rave at the school’s Eclectic Society house, a co-ed residence and art space.”
2. “In college, students may actually work harder than they have ever worked before and still find that their efforts are not sufficient.”. “

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2a. “I'm in my first semester at college and I already feel like I'm messing up. I've got a ton of work and the pile just seems to keep getting bigger and bigger.I took my first psychology quiz two weeks ago and got a perfect score. I screwed the last two quizzes up really bad and I've got my first exam today which I don't feel prepared for at all. I honestly think it's just way too much work for me to handle right now... I'm…...

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