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Part One: Report Abstract 3

Part Two: Overfishing Summary 5

Part Three: Overfishing Stakeholders 9

Part Four: International Implication 14

Part Five: Conclusion and Recommendations 15

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The human needs and wants are satisfied by the existed natural resources in our environment. Simply, we are totally dependent on natural resources which sustain our lives. Everything we have used and using is made of natural resources, or raw materials and energy obtained from our environment. Although, those resources are discrimination as renewable and non-renewable resources, the natural resources sustainability is endangered by human behavior consuming. Thus, human should consider the environmental aspect when it comes to satisfying their needs and wants. Exceeded consumption of the natural resources will lead to breaking down the environment cycle and destroying those natural resources. One of those threatened natural resources is fisheries resources. Marine fisheries are supplying a major protein source to the world’s population, and they are supporting an industry that worth over $85 billion annually . Fisheries resources are facing one of the biggest issues that threaten it globally; overfishing. During the 20th century, the fishing expanded rapidly to the global scale as a result of motorized vessels, inexpensive oil, refrigeration, increasingly global commodity markets, and heavy government subsidies to increase fleets. Because of the overfishing, fish cannot sustain their population specially the large ocean fishes. The fish get fewer and fewer, until finally there are none to catch. Some people think that this issue affects only those who live from fisheries sector...

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