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Overview of Heakth Care Workforce Matrix

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Appendix B: Overview of Health Care Workforce Matrix
Type of Provider & Purpose Job Title Role of Health Care Personnel
Office or Hospital


The role of a nurse has changed over the years, and it has become an imperative role to insure proper care for patients. A nurse is not just about bedside manner and changing sheets anymore. Nurses are there to help maintain proper care. Nurses are trained and can plan, set-up care, access illnesses or injuries, and recognize what type of care a patient needs without a physician's supervision. There are many types of nurses such as Nurse Practitioner, Registered Nurse, and Licensed Practical Nurses. They administer medicine, blood drawls for lab work, and also hands on care for the patient. Nurses also help in emergency care for patients and also assist doctors in surgery. Nurses are a vital part of the care of patients at hospitals and many other medical facilities and settings.

Therapy Provider

Physical Therapist
Physical Therapists are a crucial role in helping people recover from surgery or other injuries due to accidents or sports injuries. A Physical Therapist has to get a degree that specializes in the evaluation and care of different diagnoses that affect the physical abilities of a person before they can practice any care. A Physical Therapist works on helping patients recover their strength, balance, coordination, and much more physical mobility attributes. After a physical therapist evaluates the patient, they will set up an individual treatment program to help the patient restore their physical abilities. One of the most important things for physical therapists is having a patient that wants to get better and works towards their goals that are set up for them. Physical therapists can be found in many settings such as hospitals, clinics, special needs school and even sports teams may employee them. Physical Therapists are a crucial part in the medical field in helping people recover or maintain their lives.

Diagnostic Testing

It is important for Oncologists to use diagnostic testing to help their patients. Cancer patients go through many different types of testing to diagnose illness, progress through illness and to see if they have recovered from illness. Diagnostic testing for Oncologists is not just used for diagnosing cancer; it is also used for monitoring cancer during treatments to see if it is working and also used to determine if the patient has recovered. Diagnostic testing is very important in the medical field and many would be playing a guessing game if they did not have the tools that they have today. It can also be used to screen people who may be at risk for certain types of cancer because of a lifestyle or a family history of cancer. Oncologist and diagnostic testing go hand and hand in keeping are communities healthy.

Workforce Provider Overview Grid


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