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Overview of Transparency

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Transparency in the government financial management surely is important to produced fairly comprehensive performance measurement system and providing insufficient disclosure of these performance information to the wider public. An informed citizenship is vital for healthy, free societies and it also support the fact that citizens have the right to access the documents and proceedings of the government to allow for effective public oversight. In other words, a healthy system of government is an open government that allows all who desire to know to find the information they are seeking. This is why the degree of transparency becomes a measurement for health and vitality in governments, leadership and business in almost countries in the world especially in the well developed countries because the public certainly wants government to be transparency
Before continuing with the further discussion on the auditor general responsibility in achieving government transparency, we are going to provide an overview of transparency from different countries and their perspective towards transparency in government financial management.

In Australia, the government has been continuously promoting the improvement of their transparency. Based on their experience, CPA Australia stated that governments should be held to a level of integrity and transparency by their citizens at least as high as that demanded of business and the governments need to be directly accountable for their financial managements of public fund. It also stated that the accounting bodies and the citizen have the right to demand for better government financial transparency and accountability reporting which CPA Australia proposed that the accrual accounting standard can benefit the government policies with important and useful information...

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