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Photo Essay: Worth 70 points (Photo Essay 60/Presentation 10)
Due April 10, 15, and 17, 2013
Students will be randomly assigned. Getting Started: The majority of your assignments have focused on your writing ability and expressing ideas linguistically. Visual imagery is also a powerful technique for thinking about and reflecting upon the social world. The purpose of this assignment is to encourage you to think about the social world in a different way, more visually than linguistically. For this project, you will select a series of photos that can be meaningfully organized around the central theme of inequality. You are to draw ideas about inequality from the chapters on social class, race/ethnicity, and gender in your text, Our Social World Condensed 2nd (Ballantine and Roberts 2012). Be creative and experimental. The only restriction is that the images must not be illegal and if you are taking the photos in private settings, you must obtain written permission from your subject(s). I have posted a Permission Form in Course Content/Photo Essay on Angel for you to use if you are using personal pictures. The photos may be obtained in various ways. You may shoot photographs specifically for this project or have a friend do so. You may obtain photos through published sources (e.g., books, magazines). You can also search websites for photos. Photos may also be obtained from a stock art archive on the internet. If you choose the latter, one of the best places to start looking is: or where you can search by keyword. These sites also allow you to copy photos into a word file or print them. Some topics you might wish to explore may be sensitive and controversial. In these cases, extra care must be taken to protect the privacy and safety of your subjects. No matter what the topic, always check with your subjects to find out how public they wish to be and always honor their requests. Instructions: You will need at minimum 10 photos, graphics, charts, and/or cartoons to adequately tell a story. Statistical data must be up-to-date, that is, within the last five years. Remember also that your visuals should focus on social inequality. Great imagery that is disconnected from such a theme will surely disappoint. IMPORTANT: You must document where you obtained the imagery in your photo essay by providing source, ID number (if available), photographer (if known) and/or publisher/website address. Each visual must be accompanied by a narrative (3 to 6 sentences) explaining how inequality is represented and how this visual fits into the overall theme of inequality. In addition you will incorporate in this narrative at least four (4) concepts from course material. For example, if you are covering representations of racial inequality you might include in your narrative such concepts as prejudice (an attitude about race) or discrimination (individual and/or institutional action that limits one’s life chances based on race). If you use definitions, statistics, or general statements of information in your narrative be sure to cite your sources on a closing slide titled: Resources. The required format is electronic. The visuals and text will be presented in power point, or any other electronic medium you think is appropriate. Do not use video clips. If you use a format different from power point make sure in advance that I will be able to access it and that you will be able to present it in class. In the past students have brought in their photo essay on flash drives, DVDs, or have sent them to me in advance so that I will have them online the day of presentation. Presentation: The photo essay will be presented in class. Students will be randomly assigned on the following dates: April 10 (Wednesday), April 15 (Monday), or April 17 (Wednesday). Your presentation should be 6-8 minutes maximum. Class presentation is worth 10 points. If you miss your assigned date you cannot make it up. Collaboration: You are encouraged to discuss your ideas and project with other students in the class and receive feedback from them. However, this is a solo project; you may not work in teams. Technological Support: The sociology program at Cheyenne has a Technological Know How Computer Lab in Room #2662. During the hours of 12:30 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. Monday to Thursday students can come in with technological/creative questions and mentors will be available. Grading Guidelines – Photo Essay
The following are the guidelines used to grade your photo essay on inequality: 1. Grade of “A” Photo Essay: These are outstanding electronic presentations that clearly illustrate the theme of inequality. They demonstrate critical awareness of the relevant sociological issues related to inequality as contained in course material. At minimum four (4) concepts and/or theories are defined and applied accurately to the theme of inequality. They contain minor mechanical errors, if any. They do not have grammatical or content errors in the statements relating to the photos. They are organized and flow smoothly from visual to visual; at minimum 10 photos. Visual and narrative sources are clearly identified. When needed, permission slips for photos are included. The class presentation is conducted in a professional manner; choice of electronic format is easily accessible for viewing. 2. Grade of “B” Photo Essay: These photo essays more than fulfill the requirements for the assignment. They show evidence of careful thought in regard to the theme of inequality. They demonstrate awareness of the relevant sociological issues related to inequality as contained in course material. At minimum four (4) concepts and/or theories are defined and applied accurately to the theme of inequality. The narrative is clear and does not contain any large-scale errors in mechanics or grammar. They are relatively well organized and for the most part flow well from visual to visual; at minimum 10 photos. Visual and narrative sources are clearly identified. When needed, permission slips for photos are included. The class presentation is conducted in a professional manner; choice of electronic format is easily accessible for viewing. 3. Grade of “C” Photo Essays: These photo essays show evidence of some comprehension of the assignment. Two (2) concepts and/or theory is defined and applied accurately to the theme of inequality. They make a minimal response to the required assignment elements; some of the required 10 photos do not fit theme. The narrative is not completely clear and the ideas are minimally creative with some academic thought. These photo essays may contain some errors in mechanics and grammar, but no excessive mistakes. Visuals and narrative sources are clearly identified. When needed, permission slips for photos are included. The class presentation is conducted in a professional manner; choice of electronic format is easily accessible for viewing. 4. Grade of “D” Photo Essays: These photo essays are weak and demonstrate little or no comprehension of the assignment. One (1) concept and/or theory is defined and applied accurately to the theme of inequality. They do not adequately address the assignment requirements; a majority of the required 10 photos do not fit theme. They are so full of grammatical and mechanical errors that they are hard to read/view. Visual and narrative sources are not clearly identified. When needed, permission slips for photos are not included. The class presentation is not conducted in a professional manner; the choice of electronic format is not accessible for viewing. 5. Grade of “F” Photo Essays: These photo essays show no understanding of the assignment. They do not adequately address the assignment requirements; a majority of the required 10 photos do not fit theme. They are so full of grammatical and mechanical errors that they are hard to read/view. Statements on inequality are missing. No concept and/or theory is defined and applied accurately to the theme of inequality. Visual and narrative sources are not clearly identified. When needed, permission slips for photos are not included. The class presentation is not conducted in a professional manner; the choice of electronic format is not accessible for viewing.

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