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Working your way through the traffic, Solving mazes like a maverick You come to work every day, Sometimes at nights you also stay. All along you battle it out, Sometimes you type, sometimes you shout, But a battle it is for everyday, Promising, to never go away.

Welcome to the first edition of OYE!
It has been a long cherished dream of OASIS members to have a platform where members can express, share and enjoy their literary skills. OYE! is the first step towards realizing that dream. Bringing out this magazine has been a long, eventful and a very fulfilling journey for the entire team of OYE!. It was not an easy ride. Hurdles were encountered and conquered with hard work and dedication of the OYE! Editorial Team Members, without neglecting their professional responsibilities. The OYE! Team would like to thank all the people who have contributed in realizing this magazine. Special thanks to the authors of all the articles that were submitted. We hope you will continue to patronize OYE! .Credits are due to many people for their special effort… • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Dr: Mruthyunjaya Kori for reviewing and approving our magazine. Seema Vijay Singh and the HR Team for helping us with all the HR as well as legal issues. Kannan K and all the OASIS committee members for their help and support Ganesh.D for naming the magazine as OYE!, leading this effort and maintaining the focus of the team. Siddharth Das for naming and introducing dUZZO , the official mascot of OASIS. Gurumurthy and IT Help desk for creating the mailbox Savita BS for hepping in publishing our ads. Abid Naik and Shoibal Majumder for designing web page for OYE!. Asha and Aparna Moola for helping us with PDF creation. R Vasisht, S Rishin and Ganesh.D for the graphical contents. R Vasisht is also the creator of dUZZO, the camel. Kumar S Sudhir for creating the Quiz and crossword. PV Viswanathan for creating text for the OYE! Ads, and screening poems. S Sudhir for writing Quiz and Crosswords for this edition. Babu Karuppannan for screening Travel article. And all members of the “OYE editorial team” for reviewing, voting, giving suggestions: Mohan Hemachandran K, Ahmed Nabeel, Verma Pranav Kumar, Raj Narendra, B K S Gokul, Ramabadhran Geetha, Samanta Soumik, Kokal Chetna Jagdish, Dash Niroj, Panchmatia Manish V, Sharma Shishir, A Naveen,R Vijay We especially thank and remember our friend, Late Nagendra Prasad, who was an OYE! team member since its conception, and was actively involved in all it’s proceedings.

I know how you feel, No need for you to conceal, It doesn’t take much of an effort, To realize, you work in a desert. With miles and miles and miles of sand, All alone and no help at hand, Wondering if it’s ever gonna rain, And wash away some of your pain. You wish that may be some day, A messiah might come your way, And show you the path to enlightment, And a world full of fun and excitement Where you don’t have to sit in a meeting, Or worry about what you are eating, Where you don’t have to write any code, Or worry about the next “load”. Where you don’t have to sit and wonder, “How could someone make such a blunder?” Where your browser doesn’t refresh anymore, When all you want is to check the score. Has your life become a dismal abyss? Lost in the desert, do you look for an OASIS? Well, if you want your miseries to end, All you got to do is be my friend :o) Hi, I’m dUZZO, And together we shall go, To an OASIS hidden in this land, Like friends, hand in hand. Come with me whenever you want, Whenever your work begins to haunt, And I shall drive your worries away, Today, tomorrow and everyday. All you need to bring with you, Is some zest and some energy too, And you will have all my support, If you show loads of humor and sport. As the official mascot, I urge you to bring all you’ve got, And let us share our moments of joy, With OASIS and with OYE. We shall play and we shall win, With gusto and with zing, We shall dance and we shall sing, So… Let the party begin!!

We hope you will enjoy this magazine as much as we have enjoyed bringing it to you and look forward to continuing this effort with more editions of OYE!. Please send us your feedback at

1. The content and opinions expressed within this Oasis Newsletter (OYE!) are those of the authors and are not necessarily shared or supported by OASIS and/or Lucent Technologies. 2. All materials in OYE! are screened and reviewed carefully. However, the material has not been subject to formal tests and no guarantees are implied. 3. Only original articles should be submitted. Articles copied from other sources like web, printed media etc. will not be accepted 4. OYE! is a non-profit magazine. 5. OASIS is not responsible or liable for any actions taken from use of content and opinion expressed within the publication. 6. Any article derived or inspired from another article, were given due recognition to the original article and the original author or original web site. 7. Articles should not contain any form of derogatory and/or offensive remarks towards any particular group and/or individual.


We started off from Bangalore and headed towards Nelamangala from where we took the NH 48 towards Mangalore. That took us one hour on a Saturday early morning. Well let’s not start talking about Bangalore traffic.

The weather was cloudy and as we started climbing up there was again the signs of fresh showers. The road was a narrow ribbon meandering up the hill. From some places along the hill the entire road was visible up to the top. The roads were surprisingly in a good condition maybe because of lack of traffic. It started to drizzle. We thumped along. Near the top suddenly it was getting colder and windier. Then all of a sudden we could see clouds moving in. And then abruptly the clouds surrounded us. We could not see even a few meters ahead of us.

much quietly, in a silent agreement that this is a place where it is best for nature to do the talking, wanting to hear every sound that the howling wind makes, or the rustling bushes, or the creaking branches with the occasional cry of birds. After a while we decided to head back. By the time we reached the hotel it was evening and we had some snacks at a place called “town canteen". This place is famous for its "bene-masala". Anyways after that we went to the hotel, parked our bikes and then settled in our room for an evening gathering before we hit the bed.

We had breakfast at Kollegal at a roadside stall, just as we were going out of the city. They served some amazing idli (Tatte Idli). We went straight to Hassan via NH-48 which is one of the best routes I have taken. Whenever I go to the west coast I take this route to Mangalore for the sheer pleasure of riding. The road is beautiful, less congested and with a well behaved traffic. We took a diversion towards Chikmaglur.

And at the top all of sudden the well-laid road ended. And from then all we could see was a mud trail ahead of us which was wide enough for one four wheeler to carefully traverse. We started slowly, cautiously and in a line. I was leading and the only thing I could see in the heavy mist was the headlight of the bike following me, if I turned back. We reached the top. The place was magnificent. In the heavy gust of wind it was difficult to even hear each other's voices. It was wet, partly due to the drizzle and partly due to the wet cloud that was surrounding us. We could see a trail of steps going up into what seemed liked oblivion. We did not intend to go the entire way so we climbed a little distance and then sat on the steps.

We woke up in the morning to a cloudy day. We had breakfast at "Town Canteen" and then headed towards Belur. After visiting the magnificent ruins of Belur we headed towards Halebidu. Fantastic was the word in our minds on seeing the ruins. It was time to head back to Bangalore. We took a different route than when we came. From Halebidu we headed towards Arsikere. The road was empty and nice, with only an occasional bullock cart in sight. But after a while the road condition became bad and then worse. The road was bumpy with small lumps spread all over and you cannot avoid them and have to go bumping along. As a consequence our speed also came down. After Arsikere the road became nice. We crossed Tiptur and then reached Tumkur. From then on we blasted on the 4 lane highway and shortly reached Bangalore, from where it took us more than an hour to reach our homes. Good old Bangalore traffic!

This road towards Chikmaglur was not comparable to NH48 but it had its own beauty, gently curving and passing through some beautiful countryside. The roads and countryside were sparkling after a shower and everything around had a freshly bathed look. We reached Chikmaglur and found a hotel to stay for the night. This hotel was on the road towards Mullaingiri, just as it is about to leave Chikmaglur. We dumped our belongings in the hotel and had a small lunch, as it is better not to ride for long distances with a full stomach and we still had a lot of riding to do. Then we went in hunt for the highest peak in Karnataka.

After a while the cloud began to clear and we could look around. We found that the steps We spent about an hour on the top just soaking in the beauty. We were sitting pretty

We have used Free/Trial version software to build this magazine. Our goal was to keep the content concentrated, present the just the stuff which catches the attention of the reader. We used Adobe Photo Shop's trial version, MS-Paint and we extensively used free software GIMP for designing our Ads and for magazine contents. We designed individual pages using MS-Word and converted it to PDF format using Adobe Acrobat (not a free s/w). We used Free font “Ren and Stumpy” for our logo of OYE!, and lots of other free fonts for the headliners. We used Font "Microsoft sans serif" with font size 9 for all the body content of the magazine. This magazine is designed for font "Microsoft sans serif" ONLY, by default windows has it. If your system doesn’t have this font please install it. As the magazine is expected to be a online magazine, we kept the page margin very less and is not print friendly. If you try to print it you may miss the edge lines. The mascot dUZZO’s pictures were drawn using the mouse.

JAM -JUST A MINUTE (ST) "JAM -Just a Minute" was conducted in the month of October at ST2 Cafeteria. JAM involved games such as "Blown-burst a balloon" - Blow a balloon and sit on it to burst it; ”Throw-the-coins" -Within a team of 2, Coins thrown from One person had to be collected by other; "Peeling and Eating the Sweet Lemon"; "Blind Pictionary."; "Wearing the Saree by Male Contestants", 70-80 people participated. Sumit and Tarun Chougle entertained the gatherings by their commentary.

KAAL DHAMAAL (GVC) Kaal Dhamaal is all about celebrating the time that we spend together working. It was conducted at GVC on 31st August 2005 between 4.00 pm and 6.00 pm in the Cafeteria. This was the first occurrence of the event and started with "Dumb Charades." 6 teams participated and the game turned out to be great fun for the participants and audience. The Runners up Manish Panchmatia, Soumya Mishra ,and Shriram Kulkarni. Winners were were Siddharth Das, P Raghuram, R Balakrishnan. Snacks and some really nice Apple and Mango juice followed this. Winners of the event were Chirag, Tanushree,Mohan Babu, Martha,Maurya, Sarvamangala, Gokul in different events. Event was followed by delicious snacks of Fresh Fruit Juice, Delicious Gulab Jamoon, Dhokla and Bhajji from Anand Sweets. BLOOD DONATION CAMP (LBC) In midst of all the fun we did not forget our responsibility towards society. In support of the Lucent Technologies and Manipal Hospital blood donation initiative, Oasis LBC held the camp on Sept 30th. There were 60 People came forward and 52 people donated blood. And 8 people's blood donation was deferred due to low Hemoglobin content or similar reason. The event went for 4 hours. Priya Ranjan Kumar & Hema BK organized the event in association with Manipal Hospital Bangalore. OASIS LBC provided Apple & Manipal gave Juice, snack etc to all blood donor. Certificate of appreciation from Manipal were given to the Blood donors. YOGA (ST) Has this happened to you…Untimely conference calls? A joke gone bad at a team meeting? Stressed out? Indulge in the Yoga Experience. Mr. Sunder Raman, (practitioner for more than 8 years) conducted Yoga classes during October and November at ST. The tenacious few who remained till the end really benefited from it.

We know that “All work and no play make Jack a dull boy” [even Jane a dull girl]. What better game than TT which people play every evening. The event was conducted from 7th to 23ed September. The event got huge participation around 28 for Men’s singles, 26 for Men’s doubles and 8 for Mixed doubles. The winners were given a Gift cheque of Rs. 500 from Shoppers stop along with a Cup. The Runners up were given a Gift cheque of Rs. 300 from Shoppers stop along with a Cup. Winners were Vishal Pandey (Singles), Vishal Pandey and Sandeep VS (Men’s Doubles), M N, Manoj and Sushma Suresh (Mixed Doubles). And the runners were Rakesh Dholeh (Singles), Amit Save and Naveen Narasimha Hegde (Men’s Doubles), Sanjay Dharmani and Reema Desai (Mixed Doubles) YOGA CLASSES (LBC) OASIS initiated yoga classes to help all beat the stress and relax mind. The basic course was held thrice a week from August to October. (Who was the teacher? how many people attended it, was it open for non-oasis members too?) Yoga has not only improved the physical health but also rejuvenated the spirit of the person. The beneficiaries will vouch for this statement DUZZO the new mascot of OASIS

KAAL DHAMAAL – (LBC) First Kaal Dhamaal was held on Sept 1st. The games organized were “Bombing the city”: A game where the people in a quadrant were dismissed if the chit contained the city name. First prizewinner was Prashanth Kumar S.S. And second prizewinner was Harinagendra. ”Musical chair”: Tough to conduct with big kids. We did have a winner Nabeel Ahmed and runner up Kaushalendra Pandey at the end of it. To round it up there was yummy Black forest cake and chips. Second Kaal Dhamaal was held on Sept 29th. We are aware of the coding skills but to test their drawing skills, “PICTIONARY” was held. Team consisted of 3 members. Each had to pick up a chit and describe the word by drawing on white board. Amit Save, Rahul Pujari, Nabeel Ahmed were the winners and Atul Prabhu, Deepti Revankar, Manoj Kumar were runners. Everybody was treated to mouth-watering sev puri and pani puri. TT TOURNAMENT (ST) Oasis conducted TT tournament on *****. With Sudarshan Sampath / Mohan Babu (PSAX) clashing against Gurunath Kulkarni / Sunil Kumar K (CSD) in the first semi-final and Gagan Achar / Prasad Kulkarni pitted against the broadband access team of Dinesh Bhat / Suraj N in the second. With Sudarshan Sampath / Mohan Babu clashing against Gurunath Kulkarni / Sunil Kumar K in the first semi-final and Gagan Achar / Prasad Kulkarni pitted against the broadband access team of Dinesh Bhat / Suraj N in the second. The best team took the cup with Sudharsha Sampath easily the best player of the tournament, notable individual performances coming from Dinesh Bhat, Gurunath Kulkarni and Srikkanth P L .

DANCE CLASSES (LBC) SPIDA Demo Dance classes were held on two occasions with good response. The institute “GENESIS” now conducts regular classes twice a week. We have some Hrithik Roshan and Madhuri Dixit in the making. OASIS LOGO COMPETITION AND T-SHIRT DISTRIBUTION. OASIS conducted competition for designing a logo for OASIS. Naik, Abid A has won the competition here is the wining logo. And the logo was been embroidered on a white T-Shirt, and distributed to all Oasis members.

Oasis adopted the dUZZO a Camel in human form created by OYE! team ( yes yes, its us ) as OASIS mascot.

He saw up north through the large teak window that overlooked his huge garden, and saw the mountains of the north smudged against the horizon. The forest that divided the mountains from his town slept in between like a huge green ocean. His fairy land of a home town was located on a huge, largely uninhabited and ruggedly beautiful tropical island. His town was nothing short of paradise on the face of the earth with clear blue ocean down south and a large evergreen forest up north competing to accentuate its charm. Beyond the forest were the great mountains of north, standing atop one of which one could see the entire island, or so it was told for no one alive at the time had ever been on top of one of them.
The very same mountains beckoned him. He had lived his life to the max. Now he had nothing left but a burning desire to seek the stream of sweet manna that flowed somewhere near those mountains. He remembered the first time he had heard about the stream. He was a very young then and had fallen sick, soon everyone had given up hope, everyone but his mother. He faintly remembered his mother coming in and slowly lifting his head from his pillow, making him drink some water from a vial. She was saying something, something about the water being sweet manna from a divine stream from up north and that he would be cured, cured he was, miraculous as it may seem, he had grown well.

Goli, Rajesh (PSAX)

The old man just smiled, for he had always avoided direct questions about the path to the stream. "Please tell me how to get there, old What was it that was in the vial that had cured man". he had asked, almost sobbing, him? Plain water, it seemed; but somehow, to "Have faith, my son!", was all he got in return. him it appeared to have been touched by something divine. His curiosity raged to its No one in the town had been to the stream, peak, his mother had plainly pointed her finger but everyone seemed to have an answer to a old sagely figure who ran a shop that sold about how to reach it. "Work hard, son, you nothing but those vials filled with the seeming will find it one day", the blacksmith had said. manna from heaven. He had asked the old "Just relax, you will be shown the path when man, "where do you find this manna, old you are ready" lazy joe had said. Who would man?". The old man with seeming saintly aura show him path, where should he prove his had told him about the stream. "How do I get faith, all these questions were too complicated there?", he had asked.

Painting by Thirukumaran (OMC-RAN) for a small boy to answer. And so he remained mesmerized but ignorant. He had lived a life that could easily induce envy in even the most sober of souls, for throughout his life he had the manna blessing him. Whenever he was about to fall, it had held its hand out and helped him out of trouble, for he had never lost faith in it. He had been prosperous and happy, content with his life and wise. Now he had grown old, and resembled the old man of the vials who was dead a long ago. And now, he had nothing left but his intense urge to reach and touch the stream. And there he was, staring at the mountains that hid his beloved stream. He had made up his mind. He would pack some food and a vial of water from the stream and would leave on his quest the next day. At last he would see the stream, with exotic flowers lining up on each of its shores, with golden sand spreading a bed as soft as a bed of roses, with the sweet manna itself flowing down a stream making sweet noise that would make him ecstatic with joy, at last, he would bathe in manna and be free of any burden that darkened his soul. Townsfolk lined up to see him go, to bless his soul, to pray for him, to give him offerings. He was not just a rich old man, he was a saint, a deity of the town. It took a while for him to talk them into letting him go. At day break, he started his journey, his quest. [ removed the last Paragraph ] His quest was nearing its end, it would not be long before he would be bathing in the manna of his sweet stream, or so he thought. He started climbing a mountain that was closest to the place he stood. If the forest was treacherous, the mountains were no less deceitful. Mother nature had put a challenge at every step. Determined, as he was, he continued his journey. Nature threw every obstacle that it could, now there was a blizzard and then there would be a slippery steep boulder. But he overcame every obstacle that was put on his path and as his prize he stood on one of the mountains. Sure enough, he could see almost all of the huge island, and since it was almost dusk he could see his town bathed in light at the horizon. He pitched his tent and rested on the acme of that mountain. As the sun rose next morning, he looked all around anxiously, try to gather any hint of the stream. He saw nothing but snow and fog in all the directions. He waited till noon, when he could farther, still nothing, unfazed, he decided to climb a taller mountain. And so he climbed, mountain after another, in vain, until he stood on the tallest of the mountains, disappointed for the last time, pale as the snow itself, weak to his bones, his rations emptied, his long beard dotted with ice, with not an ounce of energy left in him, he fell. And then, when nothing was left for him to do but die, when the fog hastened to descend his pale pall, when the snow tired itself to make him a grave, he fell. He fell clutching his vial of water, he was on the tallest place on the entire island, dying, and the last thing he wanted to do was to drink from the vial, from the waters of the stream that the hermit of the town had collected. Lady luck, it seems, had betrayed him, left him forever, for the water had turned ice in the ghastly frigid weather of the mountain. The snow, with the efficiency of a clockwork, buried him in his makeshift grave, where he had died, still holding the vial close to his chest. The stream of love, of beauty, of peace, of greatness, of everything there is in this world which he held dear: the stream that gave him his life and his riches never was.

Are Indian engineers becoming back office professionals?
Swapnil S Kulkarni (PSAX) YES, developed nations aim to benefit from cheap labor by dishing out low end jobs to third world countries. For people in the third world countries like India these jobs seem to be plush offers and hence get lured into these, without much regard for job satisfaction or career insight.

Shetty, Sohan (PSAX) NO, I don’t think that Indian Engineers are becoming back office professional.
This is the process of evolution where the first step was already taken in the form of fixing Y2K bug for Western Corporations. From there on we have reached a stage where we are entrusted to do the development of product and in a lot of places even the design. This is the path of evolution where Taiwan and China are one step ahead of us in the sense that they are entrusted to do the design of the entire product. Treading this path with sincerity, its just a matter of time where innovative products from India will also hit the world market. We are just learning the tricks of the trade for designing a new product. If I understand correctly, companies like ACER were not born in one day. They were the back office for Western Corporations till they figured out that their designs are fetching good money for others.

BPO or call center jobs do not require high educational qualifications. People seem to be jumping into these jobs to earn quick bucks early in their careers, thereby losing the opportunity to continue further education. Sadly what this generation has suffered in this process is the urge to pursue career oriented goals. With more and more people taking up to “back office” jobs one wonders what would befall the state of education and bureaucracy upon which an entire nation’s existence is so heavily reliant.

Just two words: Sourav Ganguly. In this era of satellite television, people do not remember which product Amitabh Bachhan is endorsing on TV. We have a dozen channels showing saas bahu stuff and a dozen others parading "so called" reality shows. News channels are just making sure that every player's failure in a match or two is projected akin to the sin committed by Bush in attacking Iraq. But if we keep our heads cool and go by facts and figures, then we can try to understand the truth. This is only about test cricket not pyjama ODI cricket ! First we will take a look at Yuvraj's career. He starts his career with 20 and 5 not out vs NZ at home. Then goes to Pakistan, scores 59,112,12(in 3 innings and first two tests in pakistan). All these, as a middle order player. Ganguly comes back for the last test and manipulates much like what Laloo has been doing for the last 15 years in Bihar. He gets Parthiv to open and Yuvraj retains his middle order spot (Yuvraj scores 47 in that test). After serious criticism, he decides to relegate Parthiv to his original spot and starts opening with Yuvraj. As usual a middle order player facing Mcgrath, Gillespie and Lee with red cherry . He fails in both the test matches (5 & 27, 8 & 7 not out). Gambles do not always pay off. But what crime was Yuvraj guilty of? ...yes he unfortunately played in the same period when a hopeless test player like Ganguly led India.

Kaif after a debut way back in 2000 against SA got his next chance to play in SL (2001..only due to Sachin’s absence). Then he played 3 tests Vs Aus (in Chennai scored a valiant 64 which gave India a very good first innings lead and should have been won but for the rain and gillespie's gritty efforts), Then at Nagpur (on a seaming track... dada suffered an elbow pain .. Kaif played and scored 7 and 55, notably most of our big guns also failed). From 2001 Laxman has averaged 51 plus as compared to Ganguly's 36 (if we exclude his heroics against Bangladesh and Zimbawe would be close to 30). For the 4 middle order spots Team India has Dravid Sachin and Laxman who secure their spots on merit. Ganguly makes sure the other spot is his, if the pitch/opposition bowling attack is in his favor and yes ..if he has no elbow pain. Poor chaps Yuvi and Kaif ...5 years of their test career has been wasted and though in Bihar Laloo is gone ...Dada returns to Team India as all rounder ! When we see that a talented batsman like Clarke does not manage a spot in Aussies batting line up, all that is happening in India seems just a JOKE and a farce, nothing else! And the protest by Kolkattans AN EVEN BIGGER JOKE.

I am dead sure and certain There lurks something behind the curtain A curtain that would never lift Howsoever others may like to shift To the next iron-gate For their own ends to investigate. All things go round and round Tension may be all around Though life’s enigma may all confuse Yet truth underlying, none can refuse All may be terribly afraid On seeing a dangerous shade. Just a whiff of fresh air may enliven All objects and species divine-driven Human life is just like a blank paper On which one may write one’s own venture “So take the liberty after some trouble. For a sure success YOU MUST STRUGGLE.”

Kakkar, Neha (PSAX)

Niroj Dash

Theme: IT Buzz Sudhir Kumar S
1. In 1987 ‘The Fraunhofer Institute’ in Germany began research project code-named ‘EUREKA EU147’. The result of this project was patented in 1989 and incorporated into a standard in 1992 . What am I talking about ? 2. Who said this about what?? “If you take a bale of hay and tie it to the tail of a mule and then strike a match and set the bale of hay on fire, and if you then compare the energy expended shortly thereafter by the mule with the energy expended by yourself in the striking of the match, you will understand the concept of ….” 3. Connect (A) to either (B) or (C) movement of Jupiter's satellites. Hypolite Fizeau and Focault both designed apparatus to measure it. What am I talking about? 6. This ‘C’ keyword was opposed by Dennis Ritchie so much that it was dropped in 1988. He described it as follows: "…XXX is much more dangerous; the committee is planting time bombs that are sure to explode in people's faces…" Which is this ‘XXX’ ?? 7. Expand the following …creativity always gets points ☺ (A) TNXE6- (B) FOAD (C) MORF 8. (A).Identify the Person (B). Identify the Logo

Answers in next Edition
4. Connect: Scuzz the rat, Rover the dog, Chaos the cat, Java the dragon, Shelly the tortoise, Digger the earthworm 5. The first attempt to measure this was by Galileo, using people on two distant hills. Ole Roemer tried to do this by studying the 9. We have IPv4 and IPv6, but not IPv5. Why ? 10 “Causing an integrated circuit or other electronic component to emit smoke by passing too much current through it. Demonstrated by what happens when a chip burns up - the magic smoke gets let out, so it doesn't work any more.” What is being described here / what is it popularly known as ?[END] ACROSS [2] A sitter is like salt in the meal: Surely you are joking Mr._ [6] "Anyone who redistributes the software, with or without changes, must pass along the freedom to further copy and change it, thus guaranteeing that every user has freedom"...what is this called ?? [7] An application that takes disproportionate amount of RAM...raama raama ! [9] Company formed in 1948,launched the ARPANET, developed the first TCP for Unix.Second in the world after IBM to get its own domain name...need more? know more to say no more

DOWN [1] Very brilliant machine of IBM in 60's :"Can't Add Doesn't Even Try" [3] The first known virus out in the wild [4] What’s the 'k' in Model K of George Stibbitz, a researcher at Bell Labs? [5] Ted Nelson coined this word first in his book 'Literary Machines' [8] Who said “…when men were men and wrote their own device drivers ?…”(with all due respects to women of course) [12] The first zip utility to be known [14] Apple of the eye of Steve Jobs :)

[10] Haven't you heard from the political migrant from Culcutta to the US in 1930's? [11] Connect: Prof. Fernando J. Corbato of MIT, James Maxwell daydreaming about a physics problem, one gas molecule [13] Couldnt I suggest a better name for "Technology Without An Interesting Name" ?! [15] "You press the button, we do the rest" [16] "Little Mouse,"+"Elephant's Trunk"+"Monkey in Brackets"+"Spider Monkey"+"Snail"..not enuff ?![END]

This is K. Sai Shanmat Srikar Ajaay, loving son of Krishna Kumar Aashritha came (PSAX) into B K S, Gokul’s He's 3.5 yrs old ( NMS) and is studying life on Oct 28 2003. pre nursery. Aashritha, He likes to means " a person watch who searches for Pogo and knowledge". She cartoon network talks,sings, dances, channels nonstop. He plays cricket and football runs, plays with with house hold items, eats lots of chocolates, and her dad, watches TV drives his tri-cycle on road. He dislikes getting up with her grandpa, goes to temples with her grandma.. early and getting ready for school. He gets angry Her best friends are noddy, muffy, fimble and barney – all of upon being controlled while making mischief. course pogo cartoon characters. “My wife and I love him very much and he means Her favorite past time is talking over the phone everything to us”, proud papa says . ( She just picks up the phone and starts talking )

-Vishali Age? -3.7 -Prakriya Who is who comes home dad? -person who comes home late [ Senthil Sundaram (PSAX) ] Your Likes? Building blocks and drawing things. Karadi Tales and Rana Singam Current into? Trying roller skating , cycling. Your Favorite Saying 'Konjam Periya Ponnu' , which means that I am 'a grown up lil girl' now.

Your name ? years School? mom? -Person early Who is

R, Vasisht
Buying a digicam? Overwhelmed by the deluge of models? If your answer is yes to any of the above questions, and even if not, this is the place you have to head to – This site is a goldmine of information. It is organized superbly, with a side menu offering links shortcuts to all the features of the site. Cameras are grouped my manufacturers, with new releases being added as soon as they are announced. The site even has a buyer’s guide, where different cameras can be compared side by side.

Sundararajan Balraj
If you can arrange the atoms, molecules in required order you can create wonderful things. You take charcoal and rearrange its atoms and you get dimod. Take dust particles and glucose, and re-arrange the molecules you can create bread to eat. And what? Go to Mars and make water out of hydrogen and oxygen. Well any thing you can do in this world should be doable, at least theoretically. And theories prove that the rearrangement of atoms can be done. Nanotechnology is the understanding and control of matter at dimensions of roughly 1 to 100 nanometers, where unique phenomena enable novel applications. Such phenomena include quantum confinement--which can result in different electromagnetic and optical properties of a material between nanoparticles and the bulk material, the Gibbs-Thomson effect--which is the lowering of the melting point of a material when it is nanometers in size, and such structures including carbon nanotubes.

The side-by-side comparison

The site also has detailed information on each model, with in-depth reviews, current pricing (in An engineered DNA strand between metal atom contacts could function as dollars, of course), an electronics device, which could be particularly useful when electrical ratings and even power is limited. NASA Ames Research Sample photos owner opinions. But the best part is the sample photos section. The site has a huge number of sample To address the problems the semiconductor industry is facing - the photos for almost all the cameras listed. Buying a camera or not, this device density of modern computer electronics (i.e. the number of site is worth a visit. transistors per unit area) has grown exponentially (Moore's law). Since technologies in use on chips in 2005 are already at the 65nm scale and becoming more and more difficult to further miniaturize, it Not far behind, is . Reviews, buyers’ may require breakthroughs in nanotechnology to continue to see the guide, technical stuff, news and much more, this site’s got it all. There constant increases in speed and decreases in price for computers that is even a photo of the day section, for that bit of inspiration. Not to be many take for granted. missed out is the Digicam dictionary! Other good resources include, and Application of Nanotechnology includes semiconductors, medicine, space research, telecommunication, automation, and things we haven’t thought of. Leading companies and research labs are making progress in Nanotechnology. In Don’t miss out the ‘Digital Camera Advisor’ section of www.imaging- future nanotechnology is going It takes you step-by-step towards your dream digicam. to revolutionize our world and Each site has its own special features, giving you all the information simplify our living style, and will you require to make your all-important decision. So go ahead, pay open doors for new worlds all these sites a visit, and before you know it, you will be shooting away together. gleefully on your spanking new digital-Camera.

Electrode configuration for a single electron transistor (SET) fabricated by electron beam lithography. Fronius Magazine

Take two same kind of coin ( X and Y), Ex: Two 5 Rupee coins . Put them one above the other such that they are touching each other at point A, as shown in the figure. Keeping the bottom coin fixed, rotate the top coin( with out slip ) along the circumference of the bottom coin. Let it rotate till it touches point B. How will the face of the coin X look like?. As we very well know that, both coin have same circumference and coin X traveled only half of its circumference ,don’t you think, it should be exactly mirror image of the coin Y. Well try it, and find it out your self. Scratch your head about why did it happened so? Mail us the answer with reason, the

early bird will get fabulous prize (This competition is open only for OASIS members).

Ganesh.D (PSAX)

P V Viswanathan
The Circus has been my world for as long as I can remember. Some people call me The Clown; some call me The Joker, and some others call me The Dwarf. In my profession, unlike many others, you get paid to do the right things wrong. And believe me this is not as easy as it sounds. The first time I saw James, he was anxiously biting his nails as if he had been hungry all his life. He was a handsome hunk, some two feet taller than me and had newly joined as an Acrobat. At the Circus we the small people would keep to ourselves, seldom interacting with the “Big” guys, as we called the “normal” people. I was surprised when James came to me by himself and offered a handshake. It seemed to me from the way he spoke that he was a really nice individual. He was scared about his first show that evening doing acrobatics. At the end of the conversation he took out a small silvery object from his pocket and handed it over to me. “This is my mother’s lucky charm”, he said,” My mum would say it answers all your prayers. It gives you anything you want. So when I am up there swinging, can you hold this in your right palm and pray for me?” I was not a superstitious character but wanted to oblige my friend James. James was a truly lucky guy. For joining him at the swinging bars as his partner, was the most beautiful girl in the Circus. People at the Circus just started calling her Rose since there were rumors afloat that there was some guy in the Circus who was placing a “Red Rose” inside her tent every day. Nobody, not even Rose knew who; but then placing a rose inside anybody’s tent was not a crime, so nobody cared to investigate. James started performing and I stood right down holding his mother’s lucky charm and praying for my newfound friend’s safety. At the end of the Acrobat’s act the audience burst into applause. With one hand firmly holding Rose, James was waving and blowing kisses to the crowd. This was his first tryst with stardom. Though I felt really happy for him, it did irk me a bit that he didn’t bother to glance in my direction. That night I went to meet him in his tent. It occurred to me later that I shouldn’t have, for he was not alone. Rose and James were sitting dangerously close to each other and my unexpected visit took both of them by surprise. “You knock before you enter, do you understand that you half-witted dwarf?” James barked. I do accept I could have done that but I felt there were more civil ways of putting it across to me. “Sorry pal I didn’t mean to disturb you, just wanted to return your mum’s lucky charm”, I said. “You aint my pal, you get that you moron”, he responded, and looking at Rose continued, “I hardly know this guy, seems like everyone [continued on next page] ( Mosi gives receiver to Basanti ) [ Veeru ] Neenu Yelli ideeya (where are you?) [Basanti] Naanu Mane yalle ideeni ( I am in home) [ Veeru ] Ninna oota aytha ( Had your lunch? ) [Basanti] Aythu ( done ) [ Veeru ] Yavaga oota maadide (When did you had your lunch?) [Basanti] ivaga maadide ( had it now ) 10. Nimage (for you. Addressing with respect, usually used for elders and strangers) 10. Hege (How) 11. Ideera (to express “are you” or “is present?”. Addressing with respect, usually used for elders and strangers) 12. Ideeya (to express “are you” or “is present?”. Usually used for friends, younger and close relatives and non-living things ) 13. Yelli (Where) 14. Aytha (is it done? / is it OK ?) 15. Aythu ( done/OK) 16. Yavaga (when) 17. Ivaga or e-ga (now) 18. Maadu ( Do) 18. Maadide or “Maadi + Aythu” ( Done)

Image courtesy:

In this class we will learn how to address others and our self. It is difficult to teach correct pronun-ciation using Ganesh.D (PSAX) only text, so i suggest you to take help of a kannada guy to know the exact pronunciation of the words taught in this class. We will pick charters from movie SHOLAY so that it is easy for you to identify the charters and the tone of conversation.

=========[ Words To learn ]==========
1. Oota ( lunch) 2. Mane (home) 3. Naanu (I am ) 4. Nanna (my) 5. Neevu (you. Addressing with respect, usually used for elders and strangers) 6. Neenu (You. Usually used for friends, younger and close relatives) 7. Nimma (your/ yours. Addressing with respect, usually used for elders and strangers) 8. Ninna (Your/yours. Usually used for friends and close relatives) 9. Ninage (for you. Usually used for friends and close relatives)

( Veeru calls Mosi’s home, Mosi picks up ) [ Mosi ] Hello. ( Hello) [Veeru] Hello, naanu Veeru.(hello, I am Veeru ) [Veeru] Neevu Hege ideera ( How are you) [ Mosi ] Naanu channagi ideeni. ( I am fine ) [ Mosi ] Neenu hege ideya? ( How are you ?) [Veeru] Naanu channa gideeni. (I am fine) [Veeru] Nimma oota aytha ( Had your lunch? ) [ Mosi ] Aythu ( done ) [Veeru] Basanti idaala? (is Basanti present?) [ Mosi ] howdu, idaale (yes, present) [ Mosi ] Basanti, ninage phone (Basanti phone for you)

==========[ Exercise ]===========
Say these in Kannada, both for elder and younger. 1. Where is your home ? 2. How is your lunch?

======[ Dialogue of the class ]====== “e ka-e nanage kodu Thakur “
(this) (hand) (for me) [end] (give) (Thakur) =

“Give this hand to me Thakur”

[Villain- Continued story] around wants to associate with you if you are a Star.” And looking Give me the scepter, and I will be the lord. Let he who decides for all stand to the decision towards me he remarked. ”That is just a piece of silver. It cannot make or break your fate“. Success and fame are intoxicants, which I knew could transform a man overnight. But in James’ of my sword. case it seemed to have taken even lesser time. I left the room, my head hung in shame. Not because James had insulted me, but coz’ I had ever taken this cold hearted guy to be my friend. He is the God, and we are to suffer He teaches us good, where he is the greatest bluffer. Betrayed I am, I have been beguiled. All my emotions, all my feelings, all my goodness have been soiled. Told by my elders, he will do me good. I prayed a lot, he did what he should. My prayers were falling into deaf ears. He kept on testing me until I was dry of tears. O! God, O! My god, save me in trouble. He listened to me as water does to a bubble. Coming from the underneath it rises of thirst, Only to come to the surface and die of a burst. Momentary happiness, he provided many, Only to turn my ways more and more thorny. He took away all, all that I wished. He turned them to gold, all that I kissed. The whole of my life, like desert it seems. Mirages all over and water in their streams. I am thirsty now, thirsty of love. Crows and crows all over, I am waiting for that dove. Life continued… Shows after show followed. James’s popularity was growing by the day. And so was his relationship with Rose. There were some rumors afloat that they had even got secretly engaged. It was at this juncture that the Circus was struck a mighty blow – Rose’s death. Apparently she had committed suicide by taking an overdose of sleeping pills. In the absence of any suicide note, there was not much the police could do to probe further for lack of evidence. The Circus was back to normal in just a few days. A new girl joined James at the bar as his new swinging partner. And as for me I just went about my job as if nothing had occurred at all. Sometimes in the night when I would be alone, I would keep staring at James’s mother’s lucky charm and wonder if it could really work. On that eventful day I decided to test it. The show began with the same fanfare. James was up there swinging and I just stood there beneath him holding the charm and praying to myself. And then it happened. James suddenly fell down after losing his grip as if trying to prove the law of gravity. He had hurt his spine really bad and when he recovered he was a cripple – both his legs had been rendered immobile. In God’s court justice prevails but takes some time to do so. The man who had been instrumental in the death of Rose had to live a life hoping he had better died than survive. I know for certain that James had ditched Rose for a wealthy girl after getting secretly engaged to her. For I still possess Rose’s suicide note, written by her minutes before her death. I used to sneak into her room everyday, early in the morning, to place a red rose by her bedside. Love is not only blind but knows no size or shape. I liked the girl a lot and would have been happy if she were to get married to James or anybody for that matter. For I knew she could never be mine… It was the sheer happiness of seeing her happy that motivated to me to live, to laugh and to make people laugh. And James had taken away from me the very purpose of my existence. On that day seeing her lifeless body I wanted to die by her side; but I had some unfinished work. I vowed to get back at the heartless brute James. I had been planning my revenge

The One Request

I would never know if the “lucky charm” had really worked as I don’t believe in superstitions. Prior to the show in which James came tumbling down I had noticed that one of the screws of the bar, on which James was about to swing, was broken. It was a gamble and I had taken it. You have kept me in myself, you have kept me Praying to the lucky charm was merely to seek divine intervention in speeding up my vengeance vendetta. Now I am a happy man again, for my life really seems worth living. I visit James in sighs. everyday. It gives me immense satisfaction seeing my beloved Rose’s killer suffer the agony of O Lord! The daemon you are not being able to do the only thing he was good at – Acrobatics At Least, At Least, Give me tears for my eyes. ----Pranav Kumar Verma

Srihari R
A panel of 7 members rated individual photos in a scale of 1-to10. Two of them rated the photo giving attention to technicality of the photo, and other 5 rated the photo for it’s appealing. Individual photos were not compared with each other. The title of the photo did not have any significance. At the end, the individual judges scores were added to choose the winner. For this Edition we had a tie between Niraj’s Photo and Pradeep’s Photo. To break the tie, technical only score were considered. And in this Niraj’s Photo scored 1 mark higher[END]

How did we judge?

Of south Indian restaurants in Bangalore

Hotel name
Adiga ' s

Jayanagar (4th block, 8th block), MG Road (Manipal Center), Bannerghatta Road & many other places Gandhinagar & Mysore Road (Lokaruchi) Lalbagh

Famous for

Kamath Yatri Nivas

North Karnataka Food (Jolada Rotti etc.) Meals and snacks esp. Masala Dosa and Rava Idly Masala Dosa Tamil food Snacks Sea Food Masala Dosa Snacks


Vidyarthi Bhavan Krishna café Udupi Krishna Bhavan Karavali

Gandhi Bazaar Koramangala Koramangala Gateway Hotel (Residency Road) Malleshwaram Commercial Street, JP Nagar

WINNER : Kedar Niraj RUNNER : Prakash, Pradeep
Central Tiffin Room Woody's

Tell us about what your patent is about I loved maths and I used these two properties (what properties?) and combined Metrics & geometrics. My aim was to build a robust algorithm. So I tried to make most of the steps dynamic and dependent. I hate the probability concept, so what I thought is let each step to lead to some set of probabilities (contradicting sentence). Once cracar is in the wrong way, that’s all I wanted. Till cracar reach end he shouldn’t know where he is. I’ll be happy if a cracker tries again and again, of course in a wrong way!! (This is the advantage of making dynamic & forming probabilities)

If you are applying for the patent through your company, the company will pay the processing fee take care of other issues and ultimately owns your patent. And you will get an Inventor Recognition Monetary Award. You will also get 1000$ for filing the patent, and 1000$ more if it gets approved. How long the process took. Almost 1 and a half years for filing the patent and may take around 1 year more for approval results How long the process took. Almost 1 and a half years for filing the patent and may take around 1 year more for approval results.

Congratulations Jaydeep. Please tell us all Tell us in brief about the “process of applying Who was your inspiration? about how it happened. for a patent” My role model is Our President Sir A.P.J. During our final year B.E we implemented a I replied to an article, which was coming in a Kalam. But frankly speaking my laziness mail server for HAL (Hindustan Aeronautic made to me invent Limited), which Jaydeep is proud about his patent, he filed his patent on 7th Oct and waiting for its some thing on my encrypt the mails own and the Lucent approval. He is in NOS division, working on Provisioning Server. Jaydeep did his & stores. I was so environment which graduation from Coorg Institute of Technology, His native place is Bantwal and is still lazy that I didn’t motivated me to study existing single. OYE! Meets Jajdeep to know more about him and his patent, exclusively for you. think, “Ya I can” encryption methods. I’m daily newsletter of lucent. Surprisingly they What next, another patent? great fan of maths, so I thought to do sent me a patent application form!!! I met I just want to come up with an updated something on my own. And that’s how my Pankaj Bhatia, and just asked him what to version of this algorithm, which will be faster encryption algorithm evolved. After our BE. I do now, and rest of the things was a and rugged. went to Lucent for my job hunt, I met Raghu cakewalk. Lucent has IP (Intellectual What is u r opinion on the concept of Srinivas, and he forwarded my resume to Property) law division and a group that patenting? Laxmi Srininvas. And I got an opportunity to be works on patents. Your manager is best (Expecting a different answerer) a part of lucent. And the Lucent environment resource for this process. You can get more then made me think further on this algorithm & info at Anybody you would like to thank on this make it better. It is Dr. Krishna Kumar who put occasion? my ideas into paper. I submitted my papers on tent/index.asp I would like to thank Dr. KK without whom Feb 23rd of 2004. That time Mr. Pankaj Bhatia, this would be just impossible… coz just T Srinivas Sir, Laksmi Srinivas & Pratip Kar What benefit one gets from company on dreaming is not sufficient right? helped me & encouraged me to go ahead. owning a patent?

Dreams in the eyes, future in the making, Set out,did Sam,his feet slightly quaking, With fear,with anxiety and of renewed hope, “In the mad rat race can I cope?” “Go west young man, go west, west beckons,” “Go east lose time, go west gain time,” “Come one, come all, the Big Apple reckons,” “Men of sturdy limbs – think no other rhyme.” Oft repeated, were these lines, in Sam’s mind. Trudge, did he, through heat, dust and grind. Sam was a man possessed - rather obsessed - the word. To him – didn’t matter - whether milk or curd. Sam made it big, made it all, The tips,the tricks,the trades – he took in all. Reflect, he could – on a life well made, The shadow of his past – firmly put to shade. Behold, the moral of the story, thus, “Go west young man, go west,” “No pain, no gain, no rest,” “Until one truly betters the best”.

Painting by Raj Urs, Vikramaditya

Chetan Anand (1x EV-DO Team)

hence can mean anything we want it to mean, which rhymes well with the goal of the magazine – to make this magazine whatever the members want it to become. Though originally, the mascot was meant for the e-mag, everyone and the OASIS committee decided to make it the mascot of OASIS, and not just for the e-mag. The next step was to come up with Ads for popularizing the magazine and the mascot. The first ad for OYE had the caption “OYE coming soon…” with the idea of catching the viewer’s attention and to keep them guessing as to what OYE meant. It all started with the vision to have an entertainment e-magazine for the Employee and by the Employee. As a first step, an email was sent out inviting people to form the editorial team. All the people who responded to the Ad were invited to a teleconference and the editorial team was born. Among other things, we discussed the motto of the magazine, its purpose, content, format etc. The magazine was also envisioned as a non-profitable The second Ad had a look and feel of a Movie poster. “THIS DECEMBER meet your New FRIEND” OYE (Oasis, You and Expressions)” And the final ad, “OYE! It’s your magazine” showcased the mascot dUZZO for the first time and also came out with the description of the magazine. On the eve of Christmas and New Year, a greeting was sent out from dUZZO to all of the readers. The HR/legal department was contacted to get a DISCLAIMER for the articles being contributed to the magazine. The IT Help desk was contacted and the email alias was created After freezing on all the contents of the magazine, finally the designers started fitting them into the page layout and added graphics to it resulting in the creation of 12 attractive pages. An early drop was sent to HR for their review and censor. At last the magazine was shown green signal and we merged it with final touchups.

venture. As a starter, a 10-page e-mag was prepared with dummy articles in PDF format and was circulated among OASIS committee members. It evoked a very good response and we decided to select PDF format. There were two proposals for the magazine mascot - Tree frog and Camel. Individual designers shared their visualization of their mascot with the Team members. The team felt that the Camel created by Vasisht symbolizes OASIS, so it was chosen to be the mascot of the magazine. Ganesh suggested OYE! as the name for the magazine. OYE! as suggested by Srinivasaraghavan stands for “Oasis You and Expressions!” because the magazine voices different expressions of the OASIS members. Lots of names were proposed for the Mascot like buff (describes the color of the camel), duzzo (innovative name), sandy (camel lives in sand), spooky (a sparkle in eye), luotuo (means camel in chinise), and many more… After a lot of serious (and sometimes humorous) deliberations, the team decided to adopt Siddharth’s proposed name - dUZZO. The name dUZZO basically means nothing and

As a next step, ads were placed to invite contributions for the magazine. First a single ad for any kind of contribution, followed by a call for a photography competition and then a call for the debate competition. As a follow up to each of the ads, a reminder for the last date was also sent out. A large number of contributions were received and were classified under different categories like story, poem, painting, discussion, competition etc. All the entries were rich in content and of high quality but the editorial team was compelled to select only a few good articles. As for the entries under the competitions category, the editorial team voted to select the winners of the photography and debate competitions. OASIS committee members contributed towards collecting a collage of information about all the events conducted by OASIS in the recent past.

Abid Naik, has designed the web page for Magazines launch on IPRC web server. We sent 2 ads during the launching and finally we lunched the magazine on 27-Feb-2006. And OYE! was ready to embark on it’s maiden voyage…..

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Swot Analysis

...SWOT Analysis Lucent Strengths  Lucent’s switch set a new record by becoming the only switch in the history of the ARMIS (Automatic Reporting Management and Information System) Report that has achieved six 9s availability per switch, per year for five straight years. It recorded the best reliability performance of any switch ever, improved by over 22 percent from the previous year (1999), and Lucent is the only switch supplier whose product has been improving consistently over the past few years. (Lucent Widens, 2000)  The 5ESS Switch is the most widely deployed switch in the world, providing service in 66 countries around the world and serving for next-generation networks based on packet technology. (5ESS Switch, 2002)  Lucent maintained its NO.1 position in worldwide universal port shipments for the sixth consecutive quarter by capturing 48% market share for the second quarter calendar 2002. (Lucent Technologies Continues, 2002)  Metropolis (R) DMX (metro optical networking products) has been deployed with more than 35 customers and recently received the “Best Telecom Equipment” award at UTC Telecom 2002, the world’s largest utility telecom technology tradeshow. (Lucent Technologies Optical, 2002)  Lucent power systems business has been ranked No. 1 in worldwide and North American sales of power supplies for 1999 by Micro-Tech Consultants, a market research firm specializing in the power supplies industry -the first and only U.S. manufacturer to be awarded......

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Indian Ipr

...2/16/2014 Intellectual Property creation witnessing steady growth in India: Report - Economic Times You are here: Home > Collections > India RELATED ARTICLES Budget 2012: Relax corporate tax and surcharges to boost... March 5, 2012 Intellectual Property creation witnessing steady growth in India: Report PTI Jun 26, 2013, 06.43PM IST Bharti Airtel gives IP contract to Alcatel Lucent India June 1, 2012 Tags: Texas Instruments general motors | Mercedes-Benz | investments | intellectual property | Intel | Hewlett-Packard | | gdp | Alstom | Alcatel Lucent Alcatel-Lucent launches IP Transformation Center Septemb er 8, 2009 IN-DEPTH COVERAGE India Intellectual Property Alcatel-lucent Alstom NEW DELHI: The country's contribution to Intellectual Property (IP) creation is witnessing a steady growth, however, investments in R&D and patent activities in the country are still relatively slow when compared to developed nations, a report says. According to globalisation and market expansion advisory firm Zinnov's study 'Enhancing the IP Quotient in MNC R&D centres', IP creation is witnessing steady growth in MNC R&D centres, but investments in R&D and patent activities in India are still relatively slow. (A sector-wise analysis…) The study further said India spends just 1 per cent of its GDP on R&D, while countries like Israel spends 4.2 per cent, Japan 3.7 per cent, US 2.7 per cent and China 2.0 per......

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Im Case Study

...The Alcatel- Lucent Merger; What went wrong? 1. The conditions and negotiation factors that pushed forth the 2006 merger that were not present in the 2001 merger were in 2001 Lucent’s executives wanted the deal as a “merger of equals” rather than a takeover by Alcatel. However in 2006 Tchuruk agreed to pay 10.6 billion euro for Lucent to create the world’s largest telecommunications equipment maker. Tchuruk said the combined company would realize 1.4 billion euro in cost savings over the following 3 years, but they had to cut 9,000 jobs. 2. According to the company's website ( it appears that the combined merger is doing very well. Recently on September 13, 2012, Alcatel-Lucent was ranked Technology Super sector leader by Dow Jones with a score of 87/100. This is the second year in a row that the company is recognized in the Dow Jones Sustainability Index (DJSI). The Super sector Leader report highlighted: "growing environmental challenges and resource constraints, Alcatel-Lucent has continuously developed and implemented globally recognized innovations in eco-sustainable communication technologies.”. 3. I believe the merger is "a giant transatlantic experiment in multicultural diversity" because you have to vastly different cultures, Franco-American merging into one combined companies. Although the companies combined experience some cultural clashes but at the end were able to come together and become a successful......

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Marketing Mix

...Marketing Mix and Communications Ashley Klinger Marketing on the Internet- 2 Instructor: Lori Wortylko Competing with Cisco What companies are Nortel’s major competitors? Nortel network’s three major competitors are Cisco Systems, Inc., Alcatel Lucent Nokia Solutions and Networks B.V. Is Cisco among them? Yes Cisco is one of Nortel Network’s major competitors. According to, Cisco is the number one competitor for Nortel. I could not find much about Nortel being in competition with Cisco because Nortel has since went bankrupt. There were so many things that Nortel was doing wrong. So because of that alone, Nortel was no real competition for Cisco. Nortel had a large security breach that was caught in 2004. There were malicious hackers who had gained access to all of Nortel’s documents like emails and ideas. It went on for what is believed to be around ten years or so. By the time Nortel started to sell off its assets in 2009, the hackers had still not been caught. What types of marketing jobs are available? I found a lot of marketing based jobs available on Cisco’s website. I chose Technical Marketing Engineer. The minimum job requirements are: * Experience designing and implementing data center infrastructures. * Experience with Cisco Unified Computing System (UCS). * Strong background on various hypervisor technologies. * Ability to set and meet deadlines. * Excellent troubleshooting and problem-solving skills. ...

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Telecom Industry

...Page no. | Acknowledgement | 04 | Executive summary | 05 | Introduction about Telecom Industry | 06 | History | 07 | Global Scenario | 08 | National Scenario | 09 | Demographic characteristic | 10 | Market size, Trends & Players | 11 | Telecom turn over/ Subscribers | 12 | Opportunities /Competitive landscape | 13 | Porters generic strategy | 14 | Progress /Acquiring Subscribers | 15 | Rural India | 15 | Government Initiatives / MVAS | 16 | VAS | 18 | Mobile VAS in Rural Market | 19 | Access Device /3G Handset | 20 | Key trends in Telecom Industry | 21 | Inhibitors | 22 | MNP Implementation Globally | 24 | Wimax Vs. 3G | 26 | Mobile virtual network operator | 27 | Regulation for MVN O / IPTV | 28 | Companies overview | 29 | 4P’s Analysis | 43 | Advertisement | 44 | Industry updates | 46 | Major challenges for Mergers | 49 | FDI Investment in Telecom sector | 50 | Outsourcing by Telecom company | 51 | Future Trends | 53 | 4G Technology | 56 | Conclusion/ References | 56 | This project work would never have been an achievable task, had we not been under the great shelter of guidance of respected Professor Mukta Rae. Her simplified teaching technique based on examples has helped us gain more understanding of the subject. The very essence of the project work is the linguistic precision which has an impact of conveying more details in least possible words. An ample use of various reference readings has......

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