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in my village by Te Hanh

1. My Village: he/she is trying to show that its her village and thats where she is from and proud of it.
2. a persona is a persona that is a character in either a novel or even a movie. and in this case the persona would be Te Hanh because the person writes about themselves.
3. i think the subject of this poem is about the village and how everybody in this village knows that fishing is involved in their everyday life.
4. the main setting of this poem is the fishing life of a villager.
5. that fishing is what they do to survive and what they enjoy doing
6. it is good comparisin because the sampan never rest and neither does a racehorse when its runnign.
7. the action the is surggested is the trying to the the right amount of wind so that they are able to move the boat.
8. the shift of time that occures is the next morning after they heled out the morning before which indicates that the fisherman had been gone for about 24 hours and had gne through the night in a small boat knowing the dangers that lied in the water.
9. l
10. hard labour, trimph, joy.
11. he compares the fsh to the pearl because to them fish is priceless and no amount of money could by that.
12. ;
13. he describes the boat as tired because it had to be used all night as it had lots of people in the boat and this is also a personification.
14. this could mean that the salt in the water could bedestroyig the bottom of the boat as the hard salt rubbs through.
15. the poet in getting emotional and remembering all those good times especially that day.
16. k
17. that they are hard workers, they enjoy what they are doing and that they are gratefull for everything they recieve.
18. i enjoyed the part where the author compares the fish to a pearl meaning they wanted us to know how special the fish are and how respected they are.

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