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Roles and Skills of an Events Organiser

For this piece of work I will be explaining the role and describing the skills required by an events organiser; with this piece of work I will be claiming P1 and P2.
I am taking part in organising an event in my business class and we have split ourselves into three teams and we have chosen what type of event we are going to organise; we have chosen to plan an afternoon tea. Our event is going to be a fundraising event because we are going to send all our profits to a charity.
I have carried out some research on finding out what the role of an events organiser are and what skills they use; this research is made up of internet research and class discussions.

What is an Events Organiser?
An events organiser is someone who organises an event and they have many different responsibilities; they are responsible for the planning of the event all the way through to the completion of the event. Their events can range from exhibitions, to conferences, to product launches.
An events organiser will work with people in different sectors and their work is usually done within a team and is hand-on. They must be able to have a wide range of skills because they will have to complete a wide range of activities; time keeping and working under pressure is an essential as it is these skills that mean an event will be able to run smoothly and efficiently.

What are the Roles of an events Organiser?
The role of an events organiser will change depending on what event they are organising and the size of the event; if they are organising a big event then they will have more roles than if they were organising a small event.
An events organiser co-ordinates all aspects of the event; seeing it right through from the beginning until the end.
Ground Work - One of the main roles of an events organiser is liaising with their client; this is one...

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