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On the actual Apple website you can't compare any products however you can open two tabs and compare two different products for example the iPhone 6s with the Samsung S6 you can look closely to the different features it offers. There are also lots of other websites where you can can read about other products and compare them to Apple products, you can find these through Google or any other search engine. The main reason customers will compare providers is so that they get the best possible deal and is worth every penny they spend so Apple must step up to to consider this and not to be beaten by the competition.

Comprehensive and up to date information is really important when speaking about business. Apple must consider keeping their products information up to date because this will be the key to enticing customers in to buying their products. All companies will ensure that all informations give and displayed is comprehensive and is kept up to date for example Next ( the reason why I chose next is because simply to other companies Next has a lot of competition meaning the more sales sold means a higher profit which is the key to a successful business. Even the smallest of product information changed should be noted so that the customer can be aware of this because the customer will then make the decision will they buy it or not. Product information should be taken into real consideration because if Next change the price to much especially is they increase it this can put the customer off purchasing the product. Another example that both Apple and Next must take into considerations hen using their online services is the availability of the product because customers would not like to try and buy the product then when they get to the checkout that the item is out of stock because this can really annoy the...

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