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P5 Testing the digital portfolio

Test for functionality
This means you will need to test for the following; 1. Home page appears correctly 2. Navigation is working correctly 3. External links are working correctly. 4. Appropriate page layout. 5. Any sound and video runs smoothly. 6. Spelling errors have been checked. 7. Images can be viewed clearly.
You will need to include a test table for each browser.
You will need to include a test table for each browser.

8. Test the digital portfolio on at least TWO browsers.

Step 1
Test table
Produce a table similar to the one below, including the above test types to the table.
Example test table – Google Chrome and Internet Explorer Test number | Test | Expected result | Actual result | Action required | What do I need to action? | 1 | Images | All images will appear clearly on each page. | Not all images were clear and some were too big. | Yes | I will need to check the size of the images. Some images need to be cropped |


Gather feedback from others and use it to improve the portfolio, demonstrating awareness of audience and purpose.
Step 2
You need to ask at least 3 people to test your digital portfolio. The questions must relate to functionality and purpose of the portfolio.
Sample review -

Area to review | Comments | Do you feel my digital portfolio meets the purpose? | | Do you feel my digital portfolio meets the audience’s needs? | | Do you feel the content is effective? | | Do you feel the colour theme is effective? | | | |
Overall comments

Overall comments

Review of my digital portfolio
Review of my digital portfolio
Checked by:

Checked by:

Step 3
Show evidence of the changes to your portfolio after testing and reviews.
Demonstrate that you have continued to consider the audience and purpose of the portfolio.
You must identify the feedback with ‘BEFORE’ and ‘AFTER’ screenshots as evidence.

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