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Chapter 2 Packet 4
Review notes: Internal rhyme: __________________________________________________
Ex: _________________________________________________________________ Alliteration: ___________________________________________________
Ex: _________________________________________________________________ Onomatopoeia:___________________________________________________
Ex: _________________________________________________________________

Read the biography of Edgar Allan Poe on pages 253-4 and list 4 facts about his life.
“The Raven” p. 274-277
1. What is the setting of the poem (time and place)?

2. What is the rhyme scheme in the first stanza? Does Poe maintain this rhyme scheme?

3. List all the questions that the narrator asks the raven.

4. What does the narrator say he is trying to do in lines 9-10?

5. In the third stanza, list all the words that are examples of alliteration. What effect does this alliteration have on the poem?

6. How does the significance of the word “nevermore” change throughout the poem?

7. What is the mood throughout the poem? What images help establish this mood?

8. In line 101, what do you think the narrator means when he begs the bird to “Take thy beak from out my heart”?
9. The author’s tone changes throughout the poem. Do you think that frantic shift is reflective of the narrator going mad (crazy)? Explain.

10. What, in your opinion does the raven symbolize? Why would Poe choose it over any other bird?

11. Read the essay on page 278 and explain Poe’s writing process. What does he claim to be the meaning of his poem?

12. Write three…...

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