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Pain and Suffering

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Pain and Suffering The argument that is being disputed deals whether pain and suffering is truly evil or a necessary discomfort in order to achieve a greater relationship with our creator. There are three misconceptions that are used to argue that there cannot be a loving God. The first is that the very definition of loving is automatically related to making people happy and comfortable. This is argued through the very fact that the greatest act of love, Jesus’ crucifixion, brought immense anguish to Jesus, but he welcomed the pain as he knew that eternity along his father and saving us from sin would be worth it. This leads to the second false assumption that states that the events that occur in this lifetime will be greater than our eternal life. This premise dictates that all of our suffering will be worthless if we do not truly believe that there is a God since our eternal life will be lost. The third and final false assumption is that we are able to understand the world through God’s perspective. With no doubt this assumption is incredibly flawed as we are simple humans unable to comprehend on the same level as our God. This is exemplified by the fine example of a bear with a leg caught in a bear trap. A bear-lover who tries to free it will, with no doubt, cause it more pain, but the bear-lover means no harm and knows that the only way to free it is to shoot it with tranquilizers. We are the bear: unintelligent, fearful, and curious as to why someone would cause us more pain. And God is the bear-lover: caring, loving, and knowledgeable as to what we need in order to continue to live our lives. It is also stated that the pain and suffering that is seen through the eyes of mankind is not a creation of God, but rather a creation of our very own sin. And that the pain that is suffered could not be simply solved by receiving what is asked for. Rather, God handles...

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