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Bottom paints and bottom paints for boats

Bottom paint is a covering applied to the lowermost point of a ship (hull) so as to get rid of growing organisms that may attach to the boat especially at the lower parts or to protect the metallic parts of the hull from corrosion. This is done to enhance the vessel's performance and sturdiness.
Another added advantage is the improved contact between a free flow mass of water and the hull of a speedy boat enabling the boat to sail at a much faster speed.
Modern bottom paints are composed of biocides (chemical substance that hamper growth of marine organisms), organotin compounds and lethal copper. Types of bottom paints SPC (Self polishing copolymers). It contains a resin known as SPC Copolymer. The chemical substance reacts with salt water and the result is the discharge of biocides in the entire life span of the bottom paint. The reaction takes place at any circumstance provided the vessel is in contact with salt water. Controlled Solubility Copolymers These types of bottom paints are partly soluble in water meaning it wears down when water passes across the exterior of the paint. The thickness of the paint reduces at a controlled pace resulting in the release of fresh biocide at the surface of the paint during its active working period. Ablative bottom paints A type of bottom paint that wears away with time when in use hence reducing the preparation and preservation needed when applying more bottom paints. They can be also applied over other bottom paints. Hard bottom paints
These paints dry to a permeable film that is filled with biocides, which percolate when in contact with water. When the release of biocides has decreased to a point that there is no more to be discharged, the paint remains on the boat. This type of bottom paint is highly resistant to scratch and rubbing. Bottom...

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