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P&G Expands Its Business in Germany

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“P&G expands its business in Germany”
Paraphrased by Sahar Fatima
Germany became an important place for businesses:
After World War II, it was 20th century Germany became the most lucrative European location for American direct investment. According to a study by Boston Consulting Group in 2004, they mentioned that the number of investment in Europe was 140 billion euro with 850,000 jobs. This report was published by American Chamber of Commerce. According to study among 100 American companies, Germany was on top in Europe for holding companies and was on 3rd in manufacturing sector in Europe’s eastern part and Great Britain.
BCG stated that If Germany would be dealt in shares; American market analyst will suggest buying those shares. The reason behind this is not only the geographic location of Germany in Europe but because Corporate Germany has recently been Americanized. The vocabulary used in head department, management strategies; procedures and accounting are all according to American pattern. Else they’re utilizing their resources efficiently. They have labor force, research potential and a profitable market.
American consumer goods Company took advantage of this fact and considered Germany as one of the important market according to sales. The outstanding company P&G was founded in 1837 by the candle maker and the other is soap maker, William Procter and James Gamble respectively. P&G was the most well-liked company of America. According to James Collins and Jerry Porras, it belongs to those companies which are built to last. P&G stands for innovative brand management and is known for consumer goods business.
History of American FDI in Germany:
There were many American firms such as Singer, Harvester or Ford, which were operating in Germany before World War II, but P&G entered in German market in late 1950s with modern marketing...

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