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Papa Johns Case Analysis

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Papa John’s Case
Papa John’s Inc. Papa John’s has grown exponentially since it was started in 1985, however with management changing hands, and the economy changing there are some issues that lie within the organization. If Papa John’s wants to open 200-300 stores per year they have to do something different. The pizza industry is very mature and becoming saturated so in order to gain a competitive advantage they have to differentiate themselves from others in the industry. Earnings and sales are much slower in industries that are mature than those industries that are emerging. The barriers to entry are very low for the pizza industry, anyone can open up a pizza place which will create a new competitor.
Individuals have a lot of choices when it comes to eating out so in order to grow exponentially something needs to set them apart from others since their “better ingredients, better pizza” strategy is no longer holding up. So what can Papa John’s do to set themselves different from everyone else? They can begin by refining their existing product line and expand to different lines. By improving the quality of their existing products and ultimately creating the best pizza possible it is going to take trial and error, ask the consumers what they like/do not like about the pizza. They could begin to expand their lines of service by developing a new chain of restaurants or begin to sell their unique garlic dipping sauce in grocery stores, which would help bring in more revenue.
In order to have a product that is costly to imitate and raise the barrier to entry Papa John’s needs to improve the efficacy of their distribution channels. Since their main focus is having the best ingredients possible it is important to get the best, however it comes with a price. Cheese makes up nearly half of their food costs, so they need to come up with a...

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