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Papaer 1-5 Converstion


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11.15 Calculating the mean:

|Quarter 1 | Quarter 2 | Quarter 3 |
|January $24,600 |April $21,200 |July $29,900 |
|February 25,900 |May 24,600 |August 30,500 |
|March 23,000 |June 26,800 |September 26,600 |


Q1: 24,600+25,900+23,000=73,500/3=$24,500
Q2: 21,200+24,600+26,800=72,600/3=$24,200
Q3: 29,900+30,500+26,600=87,000/3=$29,000

This first and second quarter had similar sales averages of near $24,000. A sharp increase to sales has been recorded in the third quarter with a sales average of $29,000, posting a sales high of 30,500 in the month of August.

12.16 Preparing Bar Charts:



I feel a horizontal bar graph would look best for this specific comparison, because the horizontal progression is more familiar to people and used more often in such ways as map legends and GPS systems. People will be able to visualize the length as and correlate distance thus showing a longer graph equals a higher tax rate. A pictograph does enhance the impact of the data evaluated. As shown in my graphs, the boldness or size of each picture draws your eyes to it and can clearly show the comparison of each countries tax rate. Also, the picture shows each country’s currency allowing the viewer to also know that we are talking about money. To improve the bar graphs I can use colors that are not so similar like Japans and Americas. Choosing each country’s flag (as shown above) instead of the currency symbol gives a more appealing and effective comparison when using a

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