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Tobacco and Pollution cause Lung Cancer cases

Many people who suffer from Cancer have lived in the environment with lost of toxins around them. There are many sources of such toxins, and some of them are Tobacco and Car emissions. The government has recently tired to prevent people from smoking, In 2009 President Obama came out with an act called Tobacco control Act of 2009 and said, “ The legislation takes measures to prohibit tobacco companies from marketing to children such as making candy flavored cigarettes. It also further limits misleading advertising such as the use of word such as "light" with tobacco products.”
As you can see that the government of America and also the government of Canada are trying their best to prevent young people and old from smoking and preventing the retailers selling tobacco to people under age or below 19-20. As I was researching for my project, I came across very interesting articles but they were all different from each other, some said that tobacco and pollution (car emission) are the cause of Lung cancer cases, or that no they are not, or that the rates have gone up for tobacco and car sales, or some would say they haven’t. I tired my best to collect the best of the best. It is suspected that tobacco with its negative reputation that is the larger causes of lung cancer, but other says that car emission is also a cause of lung cancer, so I decide to pick this study and find that data’s for which is really the cause of lung cancer or nether are the primary indicators of future lung cancer cases.

The Data I collected was all from It took a good 2-3 days for me to collect the right data because every data had different views and statistic on the study that I picked, so I looked into my study deeply and picked out the ones that were accurate and similar to each other in dates. The data I got had the entire statistic from the past 2-30 years worth of records. Some of my data were confusing, as they were available in months, or dates, I then changed it to annual sum of the collection of the data, and after that it was easy to read the records. All of my data is based on Canadian statistics. In addition I used Fathom to put my data together and make my graphs and find the correlation and coefficient, Line of best fit, Range, standard Deviation, etc.

[pic]Table 1
[pic]Table 2

One Variable

[pic]Figure 1

Up above it is displayed that the lung cancer rates over the last 20-30 years is widely spread meaning that there has likely been an increase over this span. As you can see as every year that line is spreading more to the right, which means there has been an increase in Lung Cancer cases (Bronchus)

[pic]Figure 2
Up above in the scatter plot it is displayed that as each year past the lung cancer cases (bronchus) increased. This means that the box plot above was right that there has been an increase in lung cancer cases (bronchus). In the box plot you couldn’t really see it clearly, but this scatter plot is showing it clearly that there has been an increase each year, which means we must do something about it. ]

Car Vs. Gas

[pic]Figure 3

As you can see above that it shows that each year the car sales went up, but in the recent years it shows like it has dropped. But the graph below shows that gas prices have gone up each year, and they are still going up. That means that car sales don’t have anything to do with how high or low the gas sales are going up.

[pic]Figure 4

Two Variables

[pic]Figure 5
Now we come to a question, are tobacco sales the cause of Lung Cancer (bronchus). As we look at the graph and study it, it shows that (un highlighted dots) lung cancer cases (bronchus) have seen a drop even thought the sales of tobacco were rising. The problem comes here (red dots) shows that as the tobacco sales rising really fast (recent years) that the lung cancer cases also were going up, but the question is why? There are two problems as to why the cases are going up, firstly the taxes are also rising, and everything are going up, so probably the cigarettes prices also went up and the other problem is that the population has gone up too, more people means more people trying cigarettes. These are the two indicators for the huge rise.

[pic]Figure 6

In this scatter plot you can see that it lung cancer cases has indeed gone up with the rise of tobacco sales. This comes back to my hypothesis, that indeed tobacco sales are a primary indicator for future Lung Cancer cases (bronchus).

[pic]Figure 7
The above graph shows that as the car sales go up, so does the amount of lung cancer cases go up. This comes back to my hypothesis that indeed car sales do cause lung cancer, but this leaves a question to the people that want to know why? How? Which also leaves me a question that how on earth can car sales cause lung cancer, but as the graph shows it does. As I am researching the study right now, I cannot find the answer to this, one has to research in this study for so many ears to just find the simple answer as to how.

[pic]Figure 8
This graph is not as confusing as the car sales and lung cancer were, because in some way gas (petroleum) has a really little chance of causing lung cancer, because people believe that petroleum (jelly) do cause cancer, but the experts have found no studies that show that “yes indeed it does”. This graph is somewhat realistic because there is a chance that gas can cause cancer.

[pic]Figure 9
This shows that as gas prices go up s does the sales of tobacco, and it is completely true because of everything getting expensive and the prices of everything are going up. But the tobacco sales have not gone up that high; it’s the taxes that are making this data of tobacco sales look like they have gone up. So in a way tobacco sales have not jumped that dramatically, it’s the taxes that have made it jump fast.

[pic]Figure 10
This graph shows the car sales vs. gas sales, this basically states that as the car sales going up, the gas sales also went up, but as you can see that the car sales have not gone up that high, but in fact the gas price had a big jump no matter what.

What I believe is that as the sales of tobacco go up the lung cancer cases should also be high, and that car sales have nothing to do with lung cancer cases, but in this case I get 1/2 right because firstly my hypothesis was that as the sales of tobacco, cars, and gas go up so does the cases for lung cancer, I was right for both because my graphs showed that as the car sales go up the lung cancer cases go up too , and it was strong and positive, but as I researched more deeply, I found out that car sales have nothing to do with lung cancer, so in a way my hypothesis was half right. I think that it was half right because I was working with two weak variables, and I think that was the downer.
I was kind of successful but I still think that I could have done better if I picked two different variables then car and gas sales; because I believe that they were weak variables for lung cancer cases and tobacco sales If I stayed with the same variables that I had I would of researched more, and collected similar data that would fall into lung cancer cases and tobacco sales. If I had a chance to redo this project I would of stayed with tobacco sales and lung cancer cases, but I would pick gas emission and air pollution instead of car and gas sales.
What you could do to prevent lung cancer cases going up: The one and only way to prevent lung cancer cases from going up is that the government needs to stop the tobacco business and stop the store owners from sealing them in stores and other public places. I know it will affect the stock market and business world but there is no other way to stopping lung cancer cases going up. This is what I would do if I had the power to do it.

Appendix A



Appendix B:



Name: Ehsanullah Noori Teacher: Mr. Neal Course: Data Management Date: June 17, 2011
On the left you can see a table of Tobacco and Lung Cancer cases
Collection every year, the variables that are there are Tobacco sales, Lung Cancer cases, and Lung Cancer cases and it’s a specific case of lung cancer and it is Bronchus cancer case. And I got this table from E-Stat

On the left you can see a table that show car sales, gas sales, and lung cancer cases, over each year. And I got this table from E-Stat.

Tobacco sales, Car sales, and Gas sales, Primary indicators of Lung Cancer?

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