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Neighborhood Association Coalition By-laws
ARTICLE I - NAME, AUTHORITY, AND PURPOSE 1.1 Name: This Organization shall be known as the Neighborhood Association Coalition (NAC). Authority: The NAC is organized under the authority of the City of Lakeland. Purpose: The NAC’s purpose is to: 1. Promote communication and cooperation between neighborhoods and organizations within the City of Lakeland in order to foster a sense of community; 2. Unite existing neighborhood associations; 3. Provide a forum for discussion of common neighborhood issues; 4. Provide guidance, training and support for new and existing neighborhood associations; 5. Be available for advice on policies necessary for the effective and equitable implementation of neighborhood planning; and ARTICLE II – MEMBERSHIP 2.1 General Members: All members shall reside within the City of Lakeland boundaries and be active members of local neighborhood associations. Voting Members: Each registered Lakeland neighborhood association shall be allotted one voting member and one alternate who may vote in the absence of the voting member. Non-Voting Members: Staff, volunteers of faith based organizations, and social service agencies working within established City of Lakeland neighborhoods shall be non-voting members. ARTICLE III – OFFICERS AND DUTIES 3.1 3.2 Officers: The NAC officers shall consist of a Chair and Vice Chair. Term of Office: Each officer shall be elected to a one (1) year term commencing in January and continuing until their successors are duly elected and installed in office. Officers may serve only one term in each office. Eligibility: Officers must be an active member of a registered neighborhood association. Nomination and Election of Officers: 1. Nomination of Officers: a) A Nominating Committee of at least three members shall be formed at the quarterly meeting prior to elections.

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