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Paper Hearts Rhetorical Analysis

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Paper Hearts: A Jim and Pam Inspired Relationship The beginning of the show, The Office, introduces all of the characters and shows a little bit about them. In the second episode, it’s clear that a member of the sales team, Jim, has feelings for the receptionist, Pam. After the 13 times I’ve binged the show, it still amazes me the amount of my relationship that I can relate to The Office. In fourth grade, College Go week came around and our teacher, Mrs. Leonardo, asked us where we were going to go to college. She went around in a circle, asking each of us one by one. “Bri?” she asked. “I want to go to Taylor University!” Bri announced with confidence. Eventually, she got around to me and I had no clue about any of the colleges around. “Taylor …show more content…
She’s one of the main reasons I started swimming and am still swimming to this day. I saw a shirt she was wearing in fifth grade and it had a cool swimmer on it, so I asked about it. She told me, and I told my mom. In sixth grade, we had 5 classes together and I didn’t really think much of it, until I started to develop a crush on her during a project in science. “Have you seen the show The Office?” Bri asked me. I don’t remember if we were already talking, or if this was out of the blue. “Yeah, I was going to go home and watch it,” I answered. I had no clue what that show was, and I had no intention of watching it. The next day, Bri came up to me and asked me what season I was on. Brain dead and addled, I replied, “Season 14. I don’t remember the epis- ""I didn’t know that there were more than 9 seasons!” She quickly realized. I WAS CAUGHT. I don’t remember what happened after that, but I definitely attempted to gaslight her. Throughout middle school, I had a crush on Bri that just kept snowballing and I don’t think she …show more content…
When school started up, August 5, 2020, I found out that Bri was in 3 of my classes. Since there were cohorts during this time period, I would spend large amounts of time with Bri. Walking through the halls, eating lunch, doing labs with her. She was still dating this dude, but he was in the second cohort, so in the marathon, we were running together on the other side of the divide. Chemistry really got the best of me as a sophomore. Most of the semester, I had a D+ and I hated going into that class. I ended up having to pay for a tutor and it helped me out a lot, but I really didn’t like the feeling of using someone else’s techniques to make me better at something. That next semester, I walked into the room, and Bri was sitting in the middle with a seat in front of her open. “I saved this seat for you!” She said, brightly as always. Her and I always joked around since we had so much in common and our families hung out the amount they did. When we took our first test, she got an A, I got a D. She saw the look I had, “My parents are gonna kill me,” I thought to myself. “If you want, I can help you out with chem!” Bri said. At first, I was

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