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Edward Scissorshands
Amado Mcgowan

What if you were physically different from others, how would you feel about your self? Edward Scissorshands is about a man with a physical disability trying to fit in with the real world after years of confinement and loneliness. In Edward Scissorshands Tim
Burton uses high key lighting and flashback in order to establish a theme to make the viewer look at a person from the inside instead of outside. In Edward Scissorshands Tim
Burton uses High key lighting when Edward and Pam were driving through the neighborhood after Edward first comes out of the mansion for the first time. High key lighting is used in this scene to show Edward expression as he is in aw from the colorful houses and the flowers and plants and many children playing outside this displays a new chapter in Edward’s life to move away from the house. Also in Edward Scissorshands Tim uses flashback when Edward looks at the can opener then the flashback is triggered. In this flashback it shows how Edward used to be and how he came about. His was an inventor and he got the idea from a robot making cookies in his factory and he got the idea to make that robot into a human. Tim Burton also uses flashback when during the whole movie until the end this story is told by Kim to her granddaughter and everything that happened had happen in the past.
During the movie I think Burton uses these cinematic techniques to show the viewer a different side visually. I think with these cinematic techniques Tim Burton he reveals his true potential as a film maker it brings color with the high key lighting and it brings out a more in depth story with the flashback technique

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