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Writing is considered as a complex process that allows writers to explore thoughts and ideas. Concretization of sentences is an important part of the writing just like laying the foundation for a house construction. When thoughts and ideas are written down, they can always be read and re-written, revised, edited, examined, rearranged and changed. The writer must first “think” in the language that he or she is writing.

The beginning writing may appear a waterloo. Much of Annie Dillard works have been about the writing process, but she says that “Writing is a hard, conscious, terribly frustrating world!”

Considerations according to some differences between Technical and Creative Writing:

| Technical Writing | Creative Writing | Content | factual, straight forward | imaginative, metaphoric or symbolic | Audience | specific | general | Purpose | inform, instruct, persuade | entertain, provoke, captivate | Style | formal, standard, academic | informal, artistic, figurative | Tone | Objective | subjective | Vocabulary | specialized | general, evocative | Organization | sequential, systematic | arbitrary, artistic |

On Creative Process:

Gemino H. Abad gave the following important aspects of creativity:

1. The creative process is not a continuing development or a method but rather what we call an “outbreak” or a “happen-stanch” or a seizure”.

2. The creative process is illustrated by internal signs and one of them is the fact that you can write anything creatively on anything at your best if you are “possessed” by words and meaning, and by the power of the language”, the power of “thinking” as well as the power of “imagination”.

3. There is a matter of...

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