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Leon Lockhart

The definition of good can be described in so many different ways. Ones perception of good is going to be totally different then what someone of else thinks of the word. When looking up the definition of good it states “to be desired or approved of”. I think this is the best definition for the word good, you are usually looking for the good in things and when something is good is usually is approved.
Over the past years globalization has changed the way the world economy works. It is now more integrated economy, in which before we were mainly independent economies. Countries trade more than ever before in which creates more wealth and has lifted a lot of countries out of debt. For the poorer counties globalization allows the countries to use their lower costing labor to sell in other world markets. This creates jobs for the countries, and allows them to grow. For the richer countries the cost of goods are lower, which creates room for to improve their standard of living. Globalization has created more jobs all over the world causing wealth to grow everywhere.
Overall globalization has changed the way the world is developing. Since globalization has been in the work’s it has made the world economies more integrated than ever before. Trading is at its highest point ever in history because of globalization causing wealth to grow all over. It has created more jobs for the poorer countries, stimulating their economies. As for the richer countries it has allows them to spend money on improving their standard of living. Globalization is sending the world economy in the right direction.
The bad part of globalization has many contributing arguments. There are so many uncertainties such as “high degree of integration of domestic and local markets, intensification of competition, high degree imitation,...

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