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1. Thesis Statement: Mental health is not so much a hot button topic, but rather is treated like a taboo phrase. It is met with scorn, denial −and sometimes− even anger.

I. Introduction A. topic one 1. supporting argument one

2. supporting argument two

B. topic two C. topic three

II. beginning of body

A. topic four 1. supporting argument

a. reflection and inference

b. reflection and inference

2. topic five a. reflection and inference

b. reflection and inference

III. body of paper

A. topic six

B. topic seven

C. topic eight

D. topic nine E. topic ten

IV. ending paraghraph A. revisit everything stated in your paper

B. sum it up as best as you can to help support your thesis

C. ending statement

This is a basic template for making your outline. Simply add your content or more sectioned lists as needed. I should also mention that this is for APA format

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