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Paper vs. Online Recruitment

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Paper vs. Online Recruitment
Troy University - ETroy
Human Resource Development
MGT 4483 T2/11
Tracy Rockwell, MSHRM, MPA
December 15, 2011

Paper vs. Online Recruitment
Human Resource Development (HRD) should be proactive and future oriented; therefore, I chose this topic because of the demand to recruit potential applicants via the internet. A vast number of companies are requiring applicants to apply online; this is the only way for an individual to submit the application and/or resume. Applying online is one of the fastest ways to recruit and has proven to be a benefit to the company because it saves paper, money, time and trees (environmental friendly). With this favorable practice, applicants must know how to successfully apply for a job online. Each company has their own process; therefore, it’s important for applicants to receive information and instructions on how to meet the hiring company requirements. Meeting their hiring requirements can be the result of whether or not the person will be considered for the job.
An applicant applying online has been identified as an analytic need for companies because it enhances their hiring process. These needs are generally perceived by intuition, insight, or expert consideration. The need exist on an organizational, task, and person analysis level of need. The organizational analysis suggests where in the company training is needed and under what conditions it will occur. The task analysis explains what must be done to perform a job or complete a process successfully. The person analysis reveals who needs to be trained and what kind of training is needed (Werner & DeSimone, p. 108). In order to remain competitive, many companies have identified that their hiring process needs to be enhanced. As a way for the company to enhance their hiring...

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