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“Friday Night lights Movie Review”
Everyone has to go out and see “Friday Night Lights”, this movie is based on the book “Friday Night Lights: A town, a team, and a dream.” The book was published by H.G. Besieger. The movie takes place in a small town in Texas called Odessa. Throughout the movie they follow the high school football team known as the Permian Panthers coached by Gary Gaines (Billy Bob Thornton), who already has high expectations from the people of Odessa. James “Boobie’” Miles (Derek Luke) is the heart and soul of Odessa, the team loves him, the parents adore him, and the kids look up to him while he carries this football team win by win. From the beginning to the end you will see the struggle of a young football team with a lot of pressure to make a push into the playoffs, where they have to overcome the odds against an over achieving Dallas Carter High School. This film is great for movie watchers who love drama and suspense. When James “Boobie” Miles” goes down with a gruesome season ending ACL tear, you will see his teammates struggle knowing that there star player is gone but will start to rise up and start winning games. Quarterback Mike Winchell (Lucas Black) who has to really focus because he is supposed to be the leader of this football team turns out to be a rising star. Fullback Don Billingsley (Garret Hedlund), who is pushed by his abusive father (Tim McGraw) to be as great as he was when he played for the Permian Panthers. Third-String running back Chris Comer (Lee Thompson Young) was known for being scared of contact and unable to perform big plays. After James “Boobie” Miles were sidelined by his injury, Chris Comer becomes the true underdog of this story while he put the team on his back and helps them push to the playoffs. Coach Gaines always had his defense to fall back on lead by the very smart but explosive safety Brian Chavez (Jay…...